My Gaming Jack-O-Lanterns of Years Past: Rayman and Koopa Troopa

by Matthew Thompson

I have a couple more old carvings to show off before Halloween. To this point I had mostly focused on faces, but for these I did full characters.

187 ROD PS2 Inlay UK

This first one I’m going to talk about is based on this art from Rayman: Origins. That game and its sequel Legends are some of my favorite 2D platformers of all time and his limb-less form was a good fit for my style of carvings.

Rayman Pumpkin

Here is the final Jack-O-Lantern. As I said this was a change-up from my usual close-ups on faces. The fact that his limbs are separated from his body made it a little easier to make it all work. Mainly because there was less to worry about when it came to keeping things connected. That is one of the big challenges in creating these without shaving so that helped a bit. I did mess up a little on the hoodie. I had to call an audible on the strings, but it is one of those things that probably only looks off to me, but you can see how it differs from the artwork above. Carving in the little eyes and the hair as well as the sneaker treads were tough, but I like how they turned out.

Rayman Pumpkin 2

It dawned on me I haven’t posted a great picture to show the whole pumpkin and I had one handy for this carving. So here that is.

Koopa Troopa Art

My final video game-themed Jack-O-Lantern is based on Koopa Troopa from the Mario series. He is my go-to character in Mario Kart and just generally a great character design.

Koopa Troopa Pumpkin

Once again I go with a full character carving. He ends up looking a little like Dry Bones due to how the belly came out. I think in general, the shell and head are probably the best parts, but overall it is a nice Jack-O-Lantern.

Scary Carving

Here is a bonus carving. I didn’t have much time last year and just made an old-school spooky face for my Jack-O-Lantern. Anyway, that will do it for all my old carvings. I still haven’t been able to carve any new ones, but I usually do one or two on Halloween night, so hopefully I will be able to post them over the weekend at some point. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!


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