My Yoshi Jack-O-Lantern

by Matthew Thompson

Hello everyone! For about a decade now, I have taken to making video game-themed Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween each year. Cartoony platforming protagonists have become kind of my go-to for these pumpkin carvings. In the past, that has included the PS2’s holy trinity of Jak, Ratchet and Sly, the limbless wonder Rayman, and finally last year the legendary, mustachioed plumber himself Mario (in a Tanooki suit of course!). This year I tackled another platforming favorite of mine, Mario’s dinosaur buddy Yoshi. Now I am here to share some pictures of the carving. Here they are Continue reading


Madden 18 Longshot Mode Impressions

by Matthew Thompson

Madden used to be an annual Day 1 purchase for me. Due to a number of factors, I started getting the game less often until it became a rental the past couple of years. Part of it was me branching out into a lot of different genres and preferring my sports time be spent watching the real thing. The other issue is one often levied at sports games: a lack of substantial upgrades for each new entry. The fact that I was buying a glorified roster update started to grate on me. That is one reason I was excited to see EA announce the new Longshot mode for Madden 18 at E3 this year. After playing through it last week, it is safe to say that this new story mode is different from anything that has been a part of Madden in the past and a welcome addition to the long-running series Continue reading

My Favorite Concerts of 2016

by Matthew Thompson

I went to my first concert when I was in the fourth grade. My parents took my brother and I to go see Aerosmith. Ever since it feels like going to see bands play live has been a part of my life. Even so, I think my love of them had waned a bit in recent years. As I age, I don’t quite love being on my feet or standing in crowds for such long periods. This year kind of rekindled my love for the live show though. And now I’m going to run down my five favorites from this past year. Here it goes Continue reading

My Favorite Albums of 2016

by Matthew Thompson

Music is a big part of my life whether it is helping me get through the work day, fueling my gym sessions or even playing in the background as I write. But I don’t really break it down like I do some of my other hobbies. I guess it is just about whether I like the sound and how it makes me feel when I listen to it. That doesn’t mean I can’t pick some favorite albums from 2016. Here they are Continue reading

It Follows Review

by Matthew Thompson

It Follows is sort of like The Ring. There are no outdated video formats used to pass things along here.  This curse – one that finds “it” slowly lumbering towards you until it kills you – is transferred through sex. It’s a sexually transmitted curse. The dreaded STC. Main protagonist Jay catches it early on in the film from someone she has been seeing and the rest of the runtime is largely spent with her trying to evade and look for a way to beat the curse with help from her friends Continue reading

Community Post: Favorites in Video Game Voice Acting!

I got the chance to write a little piece about voice acting in video games alongside some other writers in a community post over at Robo♥beat. I couldn’t really decide between a few favorite performances in particular (though I give those three a shout in my section at one point), so I decided to go with something else altogether and talk about a performance that I have never written about before that really stood out to me. Anyway, go check out everyone’s choices! And thanks to Ashley for letting me contribute!


Lately I’ve been wanting to write a post celebrating voice acting in video games. It’s a big topic I wasn’t sure how to broach, so I’ve brought in some of my fellow gamers and bloggers to share their favorite VO actors, performances, and moments. Please share yours in the comments too!

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Book Mini-Reviews: Red Country and The Man in the High Castle

by Matthew Thompson

It has been a couple of months since my last set of book mini-reviews. I was hoping to include one more of the handful I am partway through reading to create a nice trio of reviews for this post, but I just haven’t had the time to finish anything else up yet. Still I wanted to get these two out while they were fairly fresh in my mind, so here they are Continue reading

Book Mini-Reviews: The Heroes, Veronica Mars #2, and The Hunger Games

by Matthew Thompson

With a couple of months already behind us in 2015, I’m going to be running through some mini-reviews for things I finished but didn’t have a chance to talk about earlier in the year. Some game and TV reviews will be coming, but I’d like to run through some novels I finished up so far this year. I’m not quite as experienced with talking about books, so the grading process is a little tough for me (I’m just kind of going by how much I enjoyed them), but I still wanted to include them since I usually do with my mini-reviews. Here they are Continue reading

London Grammar at the Electric Factory (Philadelphia-1/30/15): A Photo Blog

by Matthew Thompson

Hey everyone. I went to see London Grammar this past Friday and thought I’d share some photos and quick impressions of the show. It was at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. I couldn’t remember if I’d been there before. All these smaller venues in Philly kind of blend together in my mind, but once I arrived at the place I remembered it. I think it was Ra Ra Riot I saw there a few years back. We got there early before the floor really filled up and snagged a spot about ten feet or so from the stage Continue reading

The Best of the Rest in 2014

by Matthew Thompson

I’ve talked a ton about games and TV over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d take a quick look at some of my other favorites from 2014 in areas like music, books and so on. Here it goes Continue reading