Pre-E3 2017 Spotlight: Microsoft and Third-Parties

by Matthew Thompson

I don’t have quite as many thoughts on Microsoft’s E3, so I’m lumping them in with third-parties for my last Pre-E3 post. With the start of the show only a day away, here are some final predictions and wishes for what the Electronic Entertainment Expo will bring for the Xbox and various third-party publishers Continue reading

ReCore ReView

by Matthew Thompson

ReCore gets off to such a promising start that it is hard not to fall for the game early on. In many ways it feels like a throwback to games from a time gone by. Cinematic ambition and storytelling take a back seat to the nuts and bolts of gameplay here. Platforming is prominent and challenging in a way rarely seen in today’s releases. It often reminds me of Sony’s PS2-era platformers like Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank. Once upon a time, I lived for games like that. I still would if those games weren’t so few and far between. In that way, ReCore was a very welcome release in 2016. Unfortunately, the deeper I got into protagonist Joule’s journey, the more things started to break apart at the seams. By the end, I found a promising title brought down by technical issues, a severe lack of polish and some head-scratching design decisions Continue reading

Tales from the Borderlands Impressions

by Matthew Thompson

In my quest to fall for one of Telltale’s newfangled, choice-based adventure games, the third time is apparently the charm. When I tried The Walking Dead a few years back, I didn’t quite get what all the fuss was about. When I played Game of Thrones, I was disappointed with how boring I found it to be given how much I love the world of the TV and book series. I still remember questioning the very idea of a Telltale game set in the Borderlands universe, but it was from this unlikely source that I would finally find something from the developer I could love Continue reading

Five Thoughts on Far Cry Primal

by Matthew Thompson

In place of reviews which I have grown to not particularly enjoy writing, I am going to try out a new recurring feature called Five Thoughts. Here I will simply focus on a handful of things that stood out to me about a game as a way to give some impressions, but without feeling my usual need to cover everything in an exhaustive fashion like I do in reviews. For my initial attempt at this new type of post, I will be talking about the first major new retail release of 2016 I managed to complete, Far Cry Primal. Here it goes Continue reading

The Worst: No Split Screen Co-op in Halo 5

by Matthew Thompson

(The Worst is a new feature on The Triple Option where I get to rant about things that are… well… the worst. Enjoy!)

To get to my inaugural choice for The Worst, we must first travel back in time. To before I ever wrote a blog. Before my favorite TV show had aired a single episode. Back when my dream of a Naughty Dog-developed Jak game on the PlayStation 3 seemed not only possible, but probable! Back when I thought that Math degree I was toiling away at would be a lot more useful. That’s right, we are headed back to my college days, way back in the mid-aughts Continue reading

Best of 7th Gen: #7-Rayman Legends

by Matthew Thompson

(I am counting down my 25 favorite games of the last console generation. I explain a little about how I put the list together in this introduction. And you can see a collection of all my articles on the Best of 7th Gen compiled here.)

My experience with the Rayman series was pretty minimal before they brought the limbless hero back in his two-dimensional form, but I quickly fell in love. The resurgence of 2D platformers over the last decade has brought about some real gems, but none were better than Rayman Origins and its sequel Legends. This is top of the line platforming and level design married to art direction and visuals that remain among the finest in gaming even years later Continue reading

My Most Anticipated Games of 2016

by Matthew Thompson

I’m taking a slightly different approach to my most anticipated games this year for a couple of reasons. I usually go a bit more in depth on my picks, but I have talked about many of these games over the past couple years already. I was also able to come up with a good twenty games I am looking forward to. So I am going to do a quick rundown of all twenty. I even included links to trailers or demos for each of them if you click on the game’s title. This way if you haven’t heard of one, you can give it a look. Here it goes Continue reading

Community Post: Favorite Gaming Moments of 2015

Hey everyone. Matt Thompson back again with another community post with some contributions from other writers. I didn’t have as much luck getting as many fellow WordPressers for this one as I did with the TV post, so I reached out on Twitter and found some others who were willing to join in. Whereas last week’s had a TV focus, this one shifts things to the other main branch of this site: Video Games Continue reading

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

by Matthew Thompson

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. It was solid and I enjoyed my time with it, but it was a bit of a letdown too. For one it wasn’t very Tomb Raider-y. It eschewed the adventure-focused roots of the series in favor of a new action-oriented direction which didn’t sit all that well for me as a long-time fan. This would be more forgivable if it was excelling at what it set out to do, but it wasn’t particularly great at being what it was trying to be – a cinematic action game – either. As a result, I went into Rise of the Tomb Raider with tempered expectations – cautiously optimistic due to the developers seeming to say the right things pre-release, but unsure what would come in the final package. I’m happy to report that Rise of the Tomb Raider is better than its predecessor in just about every way, delivering both a superb action/adventure game and something that veers closer to what I want from the series Continue reading