TV Show Power Rankings: Summer 2018

by Matthew Thompson

With the Fall season beginning to rev up, I figured I’d take a look back at my favorite television shows of the Summer. Which seemed like a perfect excuse to bring back my good old TV Power Rankings! Here are my top five shows that aired during 2018’s warmest months Continue reading


TV Comedy Power Rankings: March 15, 2015

by Matthew Thompson

No comedies made the cut last time I did my TV Show Power Rankings, so I thought I’d do a whole set just for them this go around. Just as before my Power Rankings are a “what have you done for me lately” kind of thing, so these have generally been my favorites in 2015 with an extra emphasis on how they have been even more recently. Well here it goes Continue reading

TV Show Power Rankings: February 23, 2015

by Matthew Thompson

I’ve been looking to bring back my TV Show Power Rankings that were a staple of this site during early 2014 and starting today I finally will be. In an effort to make them more plentiful, I will be mixing up what I rank from time to time. So one week it may be characters, another I might go with a more negative list. But to kick things back off, I will be talking about the best shows I’m watching at the moment. Just like before this is a “what have you done for me lately” kind of list. So, no lifetime achievement awards here. A great episode can vault you to the top while a bad one or even a couple of weeks off the air could drop you out. Well here they are (these contain mild spoilers for the shows listed) Continue reading