Best of 7th Gen: #23-Rock Band 2

by Matthew Thompson

Rock Band 2 isn’t my favorite multiplayer game of the seventh generation, but it is my favorite party experience of that gen. To me a good party game is something that I can easily get a lot of people involved in. Rock Band makes it simple to rotate people in and out. It is something my non-gaming friends can play. It can be fun for those just watching. It’s got that karaoke vibe where you feel a little stupid doing it, but everyone has fun with it anyway. The track list had something for everyone and I know me and my band expanded our library a lot through DLC adding everything from Billy Joel to some metal band I’d never heard that my friend just had to have. And there is just something about forming your own virtual rock band with friends that really makes this a step ahead of the guitar-only games that came before it. Throw in a pretty sweet character creator and you had a real winner with this game.

Rock Band 2

Despite my love of Rock Band 2 (and the series as a whole), it isn’t one I have a ton to say about like most other entries on this list. That doesn’t mean it is any less deserving of finding itself on here though. It’s a unique gaming experience and excels as both a music/rhythm game and party experience.

A few more things:

  • This might as well be for the whole series. I mainly picked 2 since it was the first one we jumped into as a band and 3 had a ton of freezing problems for us for some reason which sullied that experience a bit. I even enjoyed Lego Rock Band though it wasn’t as good as 2 or 3
  • Our band names included: The Pat Mullihan Experience, Goldblamm!!!, and Demon Baby among others. Like all good band names they represent inside jokes for me and my bandmates.
  • I was our band’s go-to drummer. I made a chick with a side ponytail named Fuschia for my character.
  • If a band member didn’t make it for our weekly jam session, there was a good chance they came back to their character looking like a complete ass the following week.
  • Hint for #22: I have already talked about it once on The Triple Option, but I’ll dive in deeper this time around.
  • Bonus! I whipped up a quick mix of some of our band’s favorite tracks to play at the bottom of this blog. I know no one will listen to this, but it gives you an idea of the kind of stuff we would play. I blame all the terrible tracks on my friends’ bad taste.