Nier: Automata Review

by Matthew Thompson

In Nier: Automata, you’ll play as several different androids as they wage war against robotic foes. You fight on behalf of the humans. The robots, for alien invaders. This is the jumping off point for a moving narrative with a philosophical bent. While the story focuses on beings of artificial intelligence, it really utilizes them to explore various topics related to human nature. Love, the meaning of life, the concept of family and the fear of death are just some of the weighty subjects Automata tackles. The result is a journey that is often touching, occasionally uncomfortable and always thought-provoking Continue reading


Gaming Mini-Reviews: Platinum Games Edition

by Matthew Thompson

Platinum Games is the current king of pure action gaming and October saw the release of their two latest titles. After putting them both through their paces over the last few weeks, I am here with a mini-review for each Continue reading