Looking Back at the Wii U

by Matthew Thompson

The Wii U’s swan song is nearly upon us, but for me – someone who plans to play Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch – its death knell has already tolled. I thought before moving on, I’d look back at the good times I had with the system and the ways it disappointed me Continue reading


Best of 7th Gen: #7-Rayman Legends

by Matthew Thompson

(I am counting down my 25 favorite games of the last console generation. I explain a little about how I put the list together in this introduction. And you can see a collection of all my articles on the Best of 7th Gen compiled here.)

My experience with the Rayman series was pretty minimal before they brought the limbless hero back in his two-dimensional form, but I quickly fell in love. The resurgence of 2D platformers over the last decade has brought about some real gems, but none were better than Rayman Origins and its sequel Legends. This is top of the line platforming and level design married to art direction and visuals that remain among the finest in gaming even years later Continue reading

Mario Kart 8 (Animal Crossing) DLC Impressions

by Matthew Thompson

Nintendo has delivered another swath of great new content for Mario Kart 8 this month. Just like the series’ first foray into the world of downloadable content last fall, MK8’s latest DLC delivers fresh new courses, remade classics and new characters that feature some crossovers from other Nintendo franchises, all at a very affordable price Continue reading

Gaming Mini-Reviews: Shadow of Mordor and the New Kirby

by Matthew Thompson

It has been a while since I’ve done any gaming mini-reviews, but I’m back with a new pair. One for a popular 2014 Game of the Year choice and another for the newest entry in one of Nintendo’s long-running franchises Continue reading

Mario Kart 8 (The Legend of Zelda) DLC Impressions

by Matthew Thompson

Downloadable content is something I’ve wanted to see in Mario Kart for years. As my favorite multiplayer series, Mario Kart titles get played at my house long after release, so getting some new content added along the way is a huge plus. With its first DLC for Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has delivered with both quality content and great value. Here is my breakdown of what is included in The Legend of Zelda pack Continue reading

Gaming Mini-Reviews: Wii U Edition

by Matthew Thompson

My newest pair of mini-reviews looks at two Wii U games related to Nintendo’s biggest franchises: the Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover Hyrule Warriors and the famed Italian plumber’s latest mainline entry, Super Mario 3D World Continue reading

Gaming Mini-Reviews: Platinum Games Edition

by Matthew Thompson

Platinum Games is the current king of pure action gaming and October saw the release of their two latest titles. After putting them both through their paces over the last few weeks, I am here with a mini-review for each Continue reading

Gaming Mini-Reviews: Nintendo Platformer Edition

by Matthew Thompson

In an effort to get my thoughts on more games up on the site, I’m going to be trying out a new format. Inspired by my recent TV Pilot Mini-Reviews which I thought turned out well, I will write up some shorter game reviews and bundle a few together for one post. Looking back through what I played earlier this year there were quite a few games I didn’t get the chance to talk about. Three of these were Nintendo platformers which seemed to be a perfect group to test things out on. So here are my thoughts on platformers from three classic Nintendo series that came out over the last couple of years Continue reading

My Top Five Mario Kart 8 Courses

by Matthew Thompson

I’m not sure if or when I’ll get around to a Mario Kart 8 review. The short of it would be that it is my new favorite Mario Kart and in the mix for my 2014 Game of the Year. I figured for now I’d run down my five favorite new tracks from the game. I’ve also added some other favorites and things below. Here they are Continue reading

New Super Mario Bros. U Review

by Matthew Thompson (Images-Nintendo, the NSMBU site can be found here)


If you’ve played a New Super Mario Bros. game, you sort of know what you are getting into at this point with NSMBU. This is the fourth installment in the New sub-series that saw Mario return to his 2D platforming roots and because of that a bit of fatigue has set in for me. But that isn’t to say NSMBU wasn’t worth my time. Few 2D platformers can match Mario these days and while U treads similar ground to the other New Super Mario Bros. games, it is definitely one of the better ones Continue reading