The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

by Matthew Thompson

There are few series in gaming that I love as much as The Legend of Zelda. I’m particularly fond of the 3D entries. The fact that we only get one of these every five or so years makes the already anticipated release of a new Zelda into a true gaming event. The latest in the storied franchise came out alongside Nintendo’s newest console the Switch to the ravest of reviews this past March. While I can’t say Breath of the Wild lived up to the overwhelming amounts of hype that surrounded its release, it is a fantastic game – one of my personal favorites in a series not exactly short on superlative outings – and a bold reinvention for the 30-plus year old franchise Continue reading


Nintendo Switch Hardware Review

by Matthew Thompson

The Nintendo Switch looks to offer new possibilities for the gaming public. Is it a true portable/home console hybrid offering gamers the best of both worlds? Or is it a jack of all two trades, master of none? After two weeks with Nintendo’s latest, I’m here with my initial impressions on what the hardware has to offer Continue reading

Looking Back at the Wii U

by Matthew Thompson

The Wii U’s swan song is nearly upon us, but for me – someone who plans to play Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch – its death knell has already tolled. I thought before moving on, I’d look back at the good times I had with the system and the ways it disappointed me Continue reading