My Top 15 TV Shows of 2017

by Matthew Thompson

2017 was another strong year for television. Despite there being more shows than ever, I can’t say I have kept up with as much this past year. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a wealth of high-quality series to choose from for my year-end list. I have pared down an ample list of choices to my top fifteen TV shows. Here they are Continue reading


My Half Year in Television

by Matthew Thompson

With my focus on E3 here on the site during June, I haven’t posted about TV in a while. Now that the year is half over, I thought I’d take a look at my 2017 in television so far. Five shows stand out from the pack for me from the first half of the year. I’m going to talk a little about each one of them here and then cover some more stuff in the bullets that follow Continue reading

TV Check-In: Fall Comedy Roundup

by Matthew Thompson

I don’t ever have quite as much to say about comedies, so I am rounding up a whole bunch of them for a quick rundown. I stuck to half-hours and excluded any of the ones I hit in my look at the Fall’s new shows a few months back, so that this post wouldn’t get too out of control. Here are my thoughts on eight of this Fall’s comedies in alphabetical order (Be warned: these do contain spoilers for each show’s newest season) Continue reading