Marvel’s Spider-man (PS4) Review

by Matthew Thompson

To me, Insomniac’s take on Spider-man succeeds mostly on the back of its core mechanics. Swinging around New York City is fluid and fun. There is enough depth to make the task of keeping your momentum interesting even if the game rarely requires you to push your skills to the limit in this area. Combining everything at your disposal from swings to wall runs to point launches makes traversing amid the Big Apple’s towering skyscrapers a blast even when you are just wandering around between missions Continue reading


My Most Anticipated Games of 2018: Take 2

by Matthew Thompson

As I continue to get my writing legs back under me, I have decided to return to a classic. Yes, I already did a most anticipated games post for this year. But since then, two of those have come out and two have been pushed to 2019. And of course, plenty of games have been announced since I did the original post back in January, so there are lots of new titles to talk about (especially since I didn’t do a post-E3 blog this year). Well, here it goes (I’ve tried to keep it to games that are definitely coming out in 2018) Continue reading

My Most Anticipated Games of 2018

by Matthew Thompson

I always like to follow up my look back at gaming in one year with what I’m looking forward to in the next. 2018 doesn’t seem to have quite as much for me to be excited about as 2017 had, particularly early on, but there are still quite a few standout titles. For my top five, I decided to only include games that are officially announced and that I believe will actually release in 2018 (delays have a habit of making these annual posts a bit redundant otherwise), but I’ve mentioned a slew of others in the bullets that follow. Well, here they are: my most anticipated games of 2018 Continue reading