iZombie “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother” Review

by Matthew Thompson

After nearly a year since the second season finale, I found myself yearning for another taste of iZombie not unlike some of the zombies seen in that last outing starving for a meal of a different kind. The Season 3 premiere delivered more of what I’ve always loved about the series and I’m here with some quick impressions of the episode Continue reading


My Top Ten TV Dramas of 2016

by Matthew Thompson

I’m back with part two of my look at television in 2016. Earlier this week, I spotlighted the best comedies of last year and today I’m talking about some of the incredible dramas that graced the small screen in 2016. Here are my ten favorites from this past year Continue reading

TV Check-In: Gotham, Jessica Jones and iZombie

by Matthew Thompson

Time to check in on some more shows that wrapped up for the year. I’ve got three more comic book shows to talk about: FOX’s Gotham, Netflix’s Jessica Jones and The CW’s iZombie. Be warned: these contain some spoilers for each show’s Fall season. Here it goes Continue reading

TV Check-In: iZombie Season 2 Premiere (“Grumpy Old Liv”) Review

by Matthew Thompson

Three months have passed since the momentous events at the end of iZombie Season 1 and the first portion of “Grumpy Old Liv” helps us catch up with the characters while reminding us where things left off. Liv’s brother – who is still in the hospital – and mother are both upset with her for not helping him after he was hurt in the Meat Cute explosion. Clive is still suspicious about Major’s role in that final showdown despite Liv giving him an alibi. Major is still working on getting over everything that he found out about Liv. And Ravi hasn’t been able to replicate the zombie cure. This helps set the stage for a very fun start to the second season Continue reading

My Half Year in TV and a Look Forward to the Rest of 2015

by Matthew Thompson

Just like I did a week ago for games, I am going to take a look at a couple of my favorite TV shows from the first half of the year as well as talk about what there is to look forward to on television throughout the rest of 2015 Continue reading

iZombie “The Exterminator” Mini-Review

by Matthew Thompson

Once again the brain of the week is what worked best for me about the case of the week. While last episode Liv’s snacking resulted in an increased libido which was mostly played for laughs, this time they go in a different direction with her picking up the emotionless attitude of a hitman. The result is her being numb to some things that should rock her like having to kill a former friend turned zombie or seeing that Major has moved on. I especially liked the end where Liv chose to not continue eating the brain despite knowing that the pain would be hitting her sooner Continue reading

iZombie “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” Mini-Review

by Matthew Thompson

This week’s case has Liv and Clive investigating the death of a playboy artist Continue reading

iZombie “Pilot” Review

by Matthew Thompson

It has been no secret how much I have been anticipating the premiere of iZombie. I’m happy to report the pilot episode represents a promising start for this new series that looks to be another fun addition to what has grown into a surprisingly great lineup of shows for The CW Continue reading

My Most Anticipated New TV Shows of Spring 2015

by Matthew Thompson

As I did with games, I want to peer into 2015 and see what there is to look forward to on TV. I’m not going to talk about any returning shows like I did in the Fall as it is for the most part the shows I touched on in my year-end awards. Instead I’ll just be focusing on new shows. Specifically those set to air some time in the first half of the year (things like Westworld I will discuss when there is some more info later on). Here are the five I’m most excited to see plus a few more Continue reading

Nine New Shows to Watch Next Network Season

by Matthew Thomspon

The 2014 Network Upfronts took place this week which is kind of like the E3 of TV. In the week leading up to it, we typically hear about which current shows will be renewed and which will be canned. The Upfronts are where the networks announce which pilots they will be ordering to series and give us our first look at their 2014 Fall Schedules. There are a lot of interesting things to take away from these meetings, but the most exciting is seeing a slew of new trailers for upcoming shows. With that in mind, I have chosen the nine shows (I couldn’t decide on another to make it a nice round ten) I am most excited to check next network season. To choose these I factored in what I’ve seen of the show (in the form of trailers and clips), what I’ve heard about the show (via interviews and buzz) and the talent involved (from writers to actors). Here they are (in alphabetical order) Continue reading