The Games of E3 2015: Horizon: Zero Dawn

by Matthew Thompson

(Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be posting impressions and reactions to some of the games shown off at E3 based on info I’ve gleaned from watching demos and interviews online. Enjoy!)

I wasn’t surprised to see Horizon: Zero Dawn show up at E3. In fact, I was expecting it. But what I wasn’t expecting was just how taken I’d be with Guerrilla Games’ new IP. I was initially struck by the beautiful and intriguing world depicted in our first look at the game. Guerrilla describes the setting as post-post-apocalyptic. This isn’t about humanity trying to recover in a cataclysm’s aftermath, but what life is like 1000 years removed from that world-changing event. Nature long ago reclaimed the land. People have returned to a more primitive way of living. And yet at odds with this are the technologically advanced robots that have now taken the mantle as the dominant species here. The result is this wonderful, captivating world, one I can’t wait to explore, to solve the mysteries of and uncover the secrets that brought about this wild future Continue reading