Last Chance U Season 2 Review

by Matthew Thompson

The makers of Last Chance U struck sports documentary gold during the filming of Season 1. You had the less physically talented incumbent quarterback trying to stave off the super-athletic newcomer and the nation’s longest winning streak coming to an end in an overtime battle against their rival – both of which felt ripped straight out of a football movie. You had sympathetic characters to root for like Ronald Ollie and Ms. Wagner and a villain to hate in Buddy Stephens. And then of course you had the bench-clearing brawl that ended their season. It would have been hard to make up something this good. The recently released second season of the Netflix docuseries was always going to struggle to deliver on the same level. While it is certainly still entertaining to watch in year two – especially for a football junkie like me – it doesn’t come close to matching the brilliance of the first season Continue reading