My 2018 Music Playlist

I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with new music releases this year, so I’ll forego any attempt to put up an albums of the year list. But I did make a playlist with some of my favorite songs like I do every year, so I’ll share that. My two favorite bands — Chvrches and Metric — both released quality new albums this year. My 2018 mix naturally includes a couple of songs from each of those as well as a handful of others that stuck out to me while putting this playlist together. So I have posted both the Spotify and Apple Music version of my yearly mix to check out below if you want. I was also lucky enough to go see Chvrches play live a couple times (I’ll be seeing Metric in February), so I dropped some pictures from those shows in this post as well. I’d love to hear any suggestions for great albums to check out from 2018 if you have them. Even though my playlist is just indie/electronic/pop stuff, I’ll listen to just about anything (except country… just not my thing!). If you have an end of the year playlist, you are welcome to share it as well! That’s all I’ve got for this post. Thanks for checking it out!

My 2018 Mix on Spotify

My 2018 Mix on Apple Music



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