The Triple Option Podcast Episode 2: All About E3 2017

by Matthew Thompson

Finally, a few months after debuting The Triple Option Podcast, I have a second episode ready for your listening pleasure! This one is all about E3 2017. My friends Matt and Mike join me to discuss the big three conferences, all the stand out games, what we felt was missing from the show and even pick some of our individual favorites from this year’s E3 at the end. For more details continue beyond the break!

Direct Link to Episode 2’s page on Soundcloud (Hit the More button for the option to Download the Episode)

The Triple Option Podcast’s homepage on Soundcloud

About the Guests

I met Matt Dorsey and Mike back when I first started blogging on the now defunct We became friends through the blogging community and forums. They were among a handful of people that introduced me to online gaming. It was great to discuss E3 with them in podcast form this year like we have in other ways in years past. You can follow them on Twitter at the following links: Matt (@TheMattV1) and Mike (@BigBossMatters).

Musical Acknowledgments

I once again used music by Lee Rosevere for this episode. You can check out his page here on the Free Music Archive. I used the following song:

Episode Intro and Outro: Lee Rosevere “Let’s Start at the Beginning” from Music for Podcasts

Time Stamps

I realize some may want to jump around to different sections in the podcast. While there is only one segment this time around focused on the singular subject of E3 2017, I have outlined the start of discussions about different aspects of this year’s show.

Introduction – 00:00:00

The Big Three’s E3 Conferences – 00:00:47

  • Microsoft – 00:00:57
  • Sony – 00:18:17
  • Nintendo – 00:38:42

The Standout Third-Party Games of E3 – 00:49:30

Games That Were Missing in Action at E3 2017 – 01:03:21

Our Favorites from E3 This Year – 01:08:25

Conclusion – 01:16:48

I hope you all enjoy the podcast. I didn’t have quite as much time to do production for this one given the timely nature of the subject matter (it all already feels a little late as is) and ran into some small sound issues (some of my speech came in a little low), so apologies for that. I am still working on making the podcast a more regular occurrence here and hope to have more episodes to share with you guys throughout the summer including the first TV-focused episode. Thanks to anyone who gives this a listen!


2 comments on “The Triple Option Podcast Episode 2: All About E3 2017

  1. Some games like Spider-Man look promising to me and I like seeing the direction of each console maker, although I can’t say I was personally blown away by anything. Good discussion, looking forward to your next podcast.

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