The Triple Option Podcast Episode 2: All About E3 2017

by Matthew Thompson

Finally, a few months after debuting The Triple Option Podcast, I have a second episode ready for your listening pleasure! This one is all about E3 2017. My friends Matt and Mike join me to discuss the big three conferences, all the stand out games, what we felt was missing from the show and even pick some of our individual favorites from this year’s E3 at the end. For more details continue beyond the break!

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Four Under the Radar Games from E3 2017

by Matthew Thompson

I thought I might be a little E3’d out after writing a number of Pre-E3 posts and the one about my favorite games from the event earlier this week, but I still feel the urge to share more. Today I wanted to shine the light on a few more games that I felt went a bit under the radar compared to the seven games I talked about before. Here are some quick thoughts on four games from E3 2017 that deserve a bit more attention Continue reading

My Favorite Games of E3 2017

by Matthew Thompson

After a week of taking in all the conferences, demonstrations, interviews and trailers that I could from E3 2017, I am ready to talk about what stood out from gaming’s biggest show this time around. When I dug through the giant list of all the games that caught my eye during E3, seven eventually rose above the rest and I’m here to talk about those seven favorites. Here they are (in alphabetical order) Continue reading

Pre-E3 2017 Spotlight: Microsoft and Third-Parties

by Matthew Thompson

I don’t have quite as many thoughts on Microsoft’s E3, so I’m lumping them in with third-parties for my last Pre-E3 post. With the start of the show only a day away, here are some final predictions and wishes for what the Electronic Entertainment Expo will bring for the Xbox and various third-party publishers Continue reading

Pre-E3 2017 Spotlight: Nintendo

by Matthew Thompson

E3 2017 is a big one for Nintendo as it is the first year the Switch will make an appearance at the show. The new system has been a sales success early on and I’m hoping Nintendo will be able to show the kind of software and services that will build on that early momentum and keep me sated as an early adopter Continue reading

Pre-E3 2017 Spotlight: Sony

by Matthew Thompson

With E3 kicking off in less than a week, it is about time I run through my predictions and wishes like I usually do before the big event. I’m going to focus on Sony today, but I will have two more posts up later this week, one about Nintendo and another about Microsoft/third-parties. Well, let’s get to it Continue reading