My Uncharted 4 Multiplayer C4 Compilation (Part 1)

by Matthew Thompson

I came into Uncharted 4 multiplayer hoping for a return to the simplicity of the competitive modes found in the second game after Drake’s Deception took things in the wrong direction. I didn’t get my wish. The fourth outing went even further away from its roots. As a bit of an Uncharted multiplayer purist, I clung to my ideals. I complained about the inclusion of AI sidekicks that cluttered the battlefield and took away from the satisfaction and intensity of player vs. player battles. I lamented the addition of mines which went against the very core of what Uncharted combat is all about for me: movement. For that particular reason, I stuck with the classic gear choice of grenades. That was until a plethora of nerfs diminished my explosive of choice. My hand was forced and I finally tried something else. And thus my love affair with C4 began.

Switching to C4 was quite an adjustment at first. I had to acclimate to the new throwing arc and get used to the priming charge. But I quickly learned the benefits of C4. I could use it to set traps and after a while I found myself heaving it for long-distance downs just like grenades. When I downed my first group of four enemies with the help of C4, I was hooked. And it all came at a lower cost to upgrade compared to grenades which helped rework my whole in-match economy flow for the better.

Since I started using C4 last year, I’ve been recording some of my best kills with it in Uncharted 4 multiplayer. I had enough quality clips for about five to six minutes of footage, so I decided to make a couple videos out of it. Above is my first compilation. For those unfamiliar with the multiplayer, it may be hard to follow what is happening. One of my perks basically highlights enemies when I damage them to help point out the opposition to my teammates, but it should allow you to see the mayhem I cause here with my C4 – often with the help from another throwable called Indra’s Eternity which creates a circular field that slows down enemies. I will be back in the next couple weeks with Part 2 of my C4 compilation. Thanks for reading and watching!


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