Coming Soon: The Triple Option Podcast!

by Matthew Thompson

When I first started this website a few years back one of my goals was to eventually include a podcast. I even attempted it that first year, but after hitting a few bumps in the road the project moved to the back-burner. I’m happy to say I have finally made The Triple Option Podcast a reality! In this post, I wanted to talk a little about it before I launch my first episode this coming week.

The plan is to alternate between gaming-focused episodes and television-focused ones. I’m hoping to at least do one of each type per month though perhaps more once I get the hang of the editing process (or perhaps just less until I get a better handle on the editing process!).

The meat of each episode will be an in-depth discussion of a single game or TV show/season. This will also allow me to talk about spoilers in a way I usually avoid when I write posts here, particularly on the gaming side of things. In special situations, like the launch of a new system, E3 or TV Upfronts, this main segment may shift from the normal focus to one of those topics or something similar.

The second segment will be a bit more broad. Here I may discuss a general gaming topic. In the first one we do most anticipated games for instance. I’m also working on some other segments to put in this second spot like a Power Rankings segment where me and a guest talk about our five favorite of a certain thing like, for example, series finales.

The final segment will have me posing some quick questions to get to know each episode’s guest a bit. I plan to rotate who comes on with me from episode to episode, so this will allow listeners to know each of them better. If they return, people will have a better idea of their tastes. And I’d love to get some more people I know from here on WordPress or other readers of The Triple Option involved. If you have any interest in possibly joining me for an episode or even just a segment, let me know. All the guest really needs to do is be able to go on Skype with me for a little while. I will record the call and take care of everything else from there. I do pretty nice outlines for each episode, so we will be prepared.

Of course, I will probably end up tweaking the format as the podcast goes on. Over time, I may find some of these ideas work better than others and I already have some different segments in mind that I can work in after I nail them down. But this gives you a general idea of what is in store.

I have the first gaming episode finished. I plan to post it here in the next couple days. It isn’t perfect, but I am happy with the way it came out. I am generally an anxious person, so I was nervous doing this for the first time. I think it shows a bit, but over time I think it will be less of an issue. Outside of some pointers from friends and my brother, I did all the production for it myself. It is another element I may need to tweak as time goes on. For example, I made little intros for each segment. I like what they say, but wasn’t completely happy with the voice-over sound for them, so hopefully I can refine that over time. I do think the production adds a bit more polish to the project overall and I hope people will feel the same.

I hope some of you reading this will give the podcast a listen for this first outing and going into the future as I try to grow it. For those that just prefer reading my content, I plan to return to writing more once I have the first episode out there. As I focused on getting this off the ground, I didn’t have as much time to write as usual. But with the Horizon, Zelda and the Nintendo Switch launch next week, I will have plenty to write about really soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this and look out for the first episode soon! And again, if you are interested in getting involved, let me know on here or on Twitter, and I will get in contact with you about it in the future.


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