My Tanooki Mario Jack-O-Lantern

by Matthew Thompson

Hey everyone! I love Halloween and my favorite tradition in recent years has been pumpkin carving. About a decade ago, I moved on from simple faces and pre-made stencils to creating my own designs mostly based on video games. Today I am back with my newest Jack-O-Lantern inspired by gaming’s most famous mascot Continue reading


It Follows Review

by Matthew Thompson

It Follows is sort of like The Ring. There are no outdated video formats used to pass things along here.  This curse – one that finds “it” slowly lumbering towards you until it kills you – is transferred through sex. It’s a sexually transmitted curse. The dreaded STC. Main protagonist Jay catches it early on in the film from someone she has been seeing and the rest of the runtime is largely spent with her trying to evade and look for a way to beat the curse with help from her friends Continue reading

The Good Place Review: Heavenly Comedy

by Matthew Thompson

(Going forward, I will be reviewing a number of new shows from the Fall to let people know whether they are worth watching. I will be keeping any major spoilers to the bullets at the bottom, so the main body will be perusable for those who have not yet seen the show. Enjoy!)

I mentioned time and again prior to the premiere that what made The Good Place such a sure bet this Fall was creator Michael Schur. His track record, which includes working on The Office before co-creating both Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is simply too good to ignore. And yet what stands out the most about The Good Place are the ways it diverges from Schur’s previous work Continue reading