The New Shows of Fall 2016

by Matthew Thompson

Last week I talked about the games I’m looking forward to playing throughout the rest of the year. Today I will be taking a peek at what the Fall TV season has to offer with a look at the new series I plan to sample over the next couple of months. Here are some quick thoughts on ten shows I think will at least be worth a shot (listed in order of premiere date).

A Season with Florida State (Premieres September 6th on Showtime)

A Season with Florida State

Football is my absolute favorite thing, even above the two subjects – video games and television – that my site here focuses on the most. I spend a lot of time watching both college and pro football in the Fall. I do enjoy the occasional behind-the-scenes look at the sport as well like Netflix’s recent and excellent docu-series Last Chance U. Showtime’s A Season with is sort of a college Hard Knocks and this year they are following my beloved Florida State Seminoles which makes it a must watch for me.

Atlanta (Premieres September 6th on FX)


I have a soft spot for Donald Glover. Along with playing my favorite character on Community, I got to see him do stand-up at my university years ago. Not to mention he wrote for 30 Rock once upon a time. He created, writes and stars in this new FX show about two cousins finding their way through the Atlanta music scene. The stylish trailers have been eye-catching and critic reviews have been glowing. This looks to be a winner.

Better Things (Premieres September 8th on FX)

Better Things

Here is another upcoming FX series receiving positive buzz. It comes from Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K. who worked together on Louie. And it is hard to not be reminded of Louie with Better Things which finds Adlon as a single parent raising multiple daughters while working in the entertainment industry. That isn’t such a bad thing though – I certainly wouldn’t mind if it scratched a similar itch to Louie while that show is on hiatus. And I’m sure once I watch Better Things its own unique identity will be more evident as well.

Quarry (Premieres September 9th on Cinemax)

Quarry 3

Like most of the entries on this list there is talent behind this show. It was created by former Rectify writers and directed by industry veteran Greg Yaitanes who recently worked on another Cinemax series, Banshee. More than that, Quarry just looks cool. Based on novels by Max Alan Collins, the series will focus on a marine coming home from the Vietnam War who gets drawn back into a violent life in 1972 Memphis.

Son of Zorn (Premieres September 11th on FOX)

Son of Zorn

This weird animated/live-action comedy hybrid is such an out-there concept. I’m not sure if it will be a great, unique, new gem or a disaster, but I want to watch it and find out. Jason Sudeikis, Cheryl Hines and Tim Meadows are certainly a good foundation to build a comedy on regardless of the style, so that gives me some more confidence in the project. I’m hoping something this wild can work out.

The Good Place (Premieres September 19th on NBC)


To be honest, they had me at Kristen Bell. Luckily everything else about The Good Place looks quite *ahem* good too. It’s created by Michael Schur known for his work on The OfficeParks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so you know the show is in good hands. Joining Bell on the other side of the camera is Ted Danson, so we have talented actors too. Throw in a fun premise and a very funny trailer, and The Good Place looks like a can’t miss. It is the new show I’m most excited for this Fall.

Marvel’s Luke Cage (Premieres September 30th on Netflix)

Luke Cage

I’m in such a weird spot with this whole Marvel universe. I’ve only really watched Jessica Jones which I really enjoyed, but that was more for the private eye stuff and interesting antagonistic relationship at the core of its first season. Luke Cage obviously played a fairly large role on that show, so I’m likely to give his new series a shot, but it doesn’t seem to hold any of the same appeal that made Jessica Jones work for me. Just going to see how it goes.

Westworld (Premieres October 2nd on HBO)

Westworld 1

I mean how cool is it to see a big-budget sci-fi show coming up on HBO? That prospect alone is exciting enough, but then you see the talent attached to this thing – Jonathan Nolan, Anthony Hopkins, and Ed Harris among them – and you can’t help but be more excited. And the concept based on the 1973 film has a lot of potential given the way it sounds like it will be explored here. Other than some development troubles along the way, it all sounds pretty amazing. I can’t wait!

No Tomorrow (Premieres October 4th on The CW)


For the third year in a row, The CW is adding another comedy-skewing hour-long to their schedule. First it was Jane the Virgin which became one of my favorite shows on television. Last year it was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which I can appreciate even if I didn’t enjoy it much personally. This year it’s No Tomorrow which looks to contain a similar charm to those two series and was co-created by a former writer for Jane. While the premise seems to have a time limit, I’ll try to live in the now and enjoy this new spin on the romantic comedy for the time being.

Frequency (Premieres October 5th on The CW)


There seems to be a recurring concept seen among new broadcast network shows each year. One season it was Friends-esque comedies and this year there are quite a few time travel series in the new crop. Frequency seems like the most promising of that bunch. Based on the 2000 film of the same name, this show sees an NYPD detective communicating via a ham radio with her dad when he was still alive some twenty years ago. Butterfly effect shenanigans ensue. The CW has become a nice home for genre television, so I’m hoping this is another good one.

A few more things:

  • Returning shows I’m excited for are the ones you’d expect. You’re the Worst already started last week. One of the best shows in recent years, Rectify, will end its run this Fall. Can’t wait for that. I’m more than ready for more Jane the Virgin especially given where we left off last season. Rick and Morty, one of TV’s premiere comedies, should be back this Fall I hope. And a bit more of a sleeper, I’m looking forward to Life in Pieces which, in my opinion, has quietly become the best family comedy on TV.
  • As per my last post, I will probably be dropping some of the stuff that comes back this Fall in my effort to watch less middling television. The Big Bang Theory tops that list. I think I may shift Arrow and The Flash to summer since Netflix is putting up the new seasons so soon after they are completed. Mostly so I have less stuff to juggle now.
  • As I get the blog going again for the Fall, I’m experimenting with different post formats. The Fall games post came together a bit better than this one. I realize I glossed over the premises for some of these, but I’m hoping to do pilot reviews for most of them, so I’ll tackle that better there.

That will do it for the new shows I’m most excited to check out this Fall though I’ll probably end up trying some others throughout the year too. I’ll be back with some thoughts on these shows as they air. What new shows are on your radar this Fall? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


4 comments on “The New Shows of Fall 2016

  1. Son of Zorn looks interesting, but I’d be surprised if they can pull it off successfully. My goal is to get back into the Simpsons this fall. It has been a few seasons since I watched a new episode.

    Oh, I use to love Arrow, but I was really disappointed by the last season. I probably won’t be watching the next one.

  2. I heard some really interesting things about Atlanta, like an episode takes place all in a jail holding cell. I really liked the early episodes that featured Pamela in Louie, if her new show gets great reviews I might check it out eventually. But shows I’ll be watching for sure are Westworld and Luke Cage! Too bad Arrow and The Flash aren’t on Netflix Canada, off the top of my head the only CW show on there is Vampire Diaries.

  3. Some of these shows I’ve never heard of! This is a great list, I’ll look out for No Tomorrow and Frequency especially. I have also been excited for Luke Cage, Westworld, and Atlanta, those are definitely top of my list for new shows this year! It’s actually turning out to be a great year for new TV, I think. 🙂

  4. So far, I’ve checked out Atlanta, Better Things, This Is Us, Designated Survivor, and The Good Place. All solid premieres. Looking forward to Westworld, Black Mirror, and of course, Rectify’s final season.

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