Five Thoughts on Uncharted 4

by Matthew Thompson

This is the game I have been waiting this whole gen for and I’m happy to say Uncharted  4 has lived up to the hype for me, delivering one of my very favorite gaming experiences of all-time. I struggle to be able to put into words my feelings about the game, but I’m going to try to (in a likely very unsuccinct manner) over the course of at least a couple of posts. I hope to talk in more detail about my favorite moments from Nathan Drake’s final adventure sometime in the future, but this first post will focus on five major thoughts that I came away from Uncharted 4 with and I will do so in a spoiler-free fashion. Here it goes Continue reading


TV Upfronts 2016: Seven Shows That Caught My Eye

by Matthew Thompson

It is TV Upfront time again which means lots of trailers showing off what new shows will be hitting broadcast networks starting next Fall. In truth, I found myself less enthused than normal about the networks’ latest batch of newcomers. Still, I managed to find seven that range from “I think this will be great!” to “Well, I guess I’ll give this a shot.” And I’m here with a quick rundown about them. Here they are (in alphabetical order) Continue reading

TV Check-In: Game of Thrones Season 6 (Episodes 1 and 2)

by Matthew Thompson

Game of Thrones got off to a tepid start with last week’s premiere episode, “The Red Woman,” but its second outing “Home” was very good and has me excited for what comes next. I thought after this more eventful episode I would check in with the season so far Continue reading