Episode Spotlight: 30 Rock “Leap Day”

by Matthew Thompson

In the past, I have talked about some of my favorite TV episodes based around Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But these are far from the only holidays that have gifted us quality television over the years. You’ll find some good ones for things like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Still, one day that doesn’t get a lot of love is Leap Day. This is partly due to its very nature – it only comes around every four years – and partly because it isn’t really a holiday at all. That didn’t stop 30 Rock from delivering one of my very favorite holiday-themed episodes four years ago, the simply named “Leap Day.”

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My Gaming Update: Early 2016 Edition

by Matthew Thompson

I had hopes of doing full reviews for some of these especially the Tomb Raider DLC, but I just haven’t had the time, so I thought I’d run down what I’ve been playing in 2016 so far in a good old Gaming Update. Here it goes Continue reading

Best of 7th Gen: #8-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

by Matthew Thompson

(I am counting down my 25 favorite games of the last console generation. I explain a little about how I put the list together in this introduction. And you can see a collection of all my articles on the Best of 7th Gen compiled here.)

It had been years since Sly 3 released when we found out there would be a new entry in the franchise coming to the PlayStation 3. As a big fan of the series, I was ecstatic to see the thieving raccoon and his band of animal pals returning. Yet I couldn’t help but be slightly apprehensive since the game would feature a developer switch which gaming history had taught me to be wary about. Thankfully, these worries were unfounded. Not only did new developer Sanzaru Games deliver a worthy addition to the series, they managed to beat Sucker Punch at their own game giving us the best Sly game yet Continue reading