TV Check-In: The X-Files “My Struggle” and “Founder’s Mutation” Review

by Matthew Thompson

I regularly cite The X-Files as one of my all-time favorite shows. It was really the first “adult” show I watched religiously. I think my love of The X-Files probably informed my taste in TV going forward as well. Like my penchant for sci-fi and supernatural aspects. Or how I prefer my procedurals mix in a healthy bit of mythology. Or even my use of the word mythology – and monster of the week – when describing various shows. Needless to say, I was excited for this year’s revival of The X-Files. In fact, there was nothing coming to television this year that I was looking forward to more. After watching the first two episodes, I am here to give my thoughts on how Mulder and Scully’s return is faring thus far (spoilers to follow!) Continue reading


My Most Anticipated Games of 2016

by Matthew Thompson

I’m taking a slightly different approach to my most anticipated games this year for a couple of reasons. I usually go a bit more in depth on my picks, but I have talked about many of these games over the past couple years already. I was also able to come up with a good twenty games I am looking forward to. So I am going to do a quick rundown of all twenty. I even included links to trailers or demos for each of them if you click on the game’s title. This way if you haven’t heard of one, you can give it a look. Here it goes Continue reading

Community Post: Favorite Gaming Moments of 2015

Hey everyone. Matt Thompson back again with another community post with some contributions from other writers. I didn’t have as much luck getting as many fellow WordPressers for this one as I did with the TV post, so I reached out on Twitter and found some others who were willing to join in. Whereas last week’s had a TV focus, this one shifts things to the other main branch of this site: Video Games Continue reading

Community Post: Five Great Overlooked and Underrated TV Shows from 2015

Hey everyone. Matthew Thompson here with something a little different and new for The Triple Option. I have come to really enjoy the WordPress community in my time here, but I’m not as involved with it as I’d like to be. So I had the idea to reach out to some other writers on WordPress as well as some readers of my site to collaborate on a post. To kick things off, I have two posts set up – one for TV and one for games – with contributions from the community and other writer friends of mine that take one final look back at 2015 Continue reading

Seven More Great TV Episodes from 2015

by Matthew Thompson

Last week I counted down my top ten shows of 2015. Whittling that list down to a mere ten was difficult in a year overflowing with great television. So I have decided to shine the light on some more shows that either just missed making my ten or while not quite top ten caliber had some highlights worthy of note. To accomplish this, I have chosen seven more great 2015 TV episodes from shows not covered in my initial top ten. Well here they are (Be warned: these do contain spoilers for each episode) Continue reading

My Top Ten TV Shows of 2015

by Matthew Thompson

2015 was a banner year for television. With more and more places jumping into the original programming game, there was tons of great TV to sort through this past year. Needless to say, it was harder than ever to whittle my favorites down to a mere top ten. But with great difficulty, I have done it and now I present to you my list of the best shows 2015 had to offer Continue reading