Game of Thrones “The Gift” Review

by Matthew Thompson

Last week I had reached my breaking point with two storylines that I have found to be problematic all season and the result was my least favorite episode of the show in some time. I gave the showrunners some (I feel) much deserved flack for these moves. This episode didn’t really change my opinion on either of those plotlines, but I am happy to be able to praise another change that sat better with me this week.

Game of Thrones The Gift 1

Fast tracking Tyrion’s meeting with Daenerys was a smart move. Martin famously ran into issues setting up the Meereen situation in the books and readers are still waiting for these two major players to meet. The show has streamlined this storyline a lot. The conflict isn’t as grand and Barristan is gone. Bringing Tyrion into the fold now just makes so much sense. I wasn’t exactly blown away by the first shared scene between Tyrion and Dany, but it left me unbelievably excited to see their interactions as the season rolls on.

This is one of two big developments that take place this week that should shake things up for the tail end of the season in a big way. The other occurs in King’s Landing where we see the tables turned against Cersei. She empowered the Faith to help her move against the Tyrells and now it has backfired as they imprison her for dalliances with Lancel earlier in the series. The scenes in King’s Landing worked really well for me because of two major reasons. For one it is satisfying to see Cersei taken down a peg at the end of this episode. And I was just really impressed by the acting here this week. Jonathan Pryce has done a good job all year as the High Sparrow, but his performance this week was really special. It didn’t hurt that he got to play opposite Diana Rigg’s Lady Olenna in what may have been this episode’s best scene. But I also liked seeing different sides of Cersei and Margaery towards the end of the episode.

My favorite part of this season has been the stuff happening at The Wall. The scenes with Jon and Stannis feel more transitional this week, further setting up for big conflicts that we will see in the final few episodes of the season, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. We see a heartfelt goodbye between Jon and Sam (I saw some cool scene comparisons between it and Jon and Robb’s goodbye years ago). We see the death of Aemon Targaryen (with some nice references to Egg for those more familiar with the lore or the short stories he featured in). I suppose the Dragonglass that Sam handed over to Jon might be a tease of what he might run into on his next mission and that has me more excited than ever to see the next leg in Jon’s journey this season.

Game of Thrones The Gift 5

Stannis’s short bit this week clues us into a few things. His trip south has taken a toll on his troops. Food is running low and some of his mercenaries have fled. Davos thinks they should retreat, but Stannis remains resolute in his plan to march south. Melisandre thinks the key to his success could be found in the sacrifice of Shireen. Stannis basically tells her to get the fuck out, but I remain worried for Shireen. While I don’t see Stannis budging on this, it seems like something that could easily happen while Stannis is otherwise occupied.

As for the two storylines that are on my bad side, they didn’t exactly do much to get back in my good graces. As someone who has always found some of the show’s nudity to be eye roll inducing, this week’s check in with the Sand Snakes wasn’t exactly the kind of moment to win me over on them especially when paired with their shaky motivations in the scene. The part with Jaime and Myrcella fell a little flat for me too. The Dornish storyline remains unsubstantial, and a bit silly at times, in my eyes.

My issues with the Sansa plotline are a little trickier. I just don’t think inserting her here ever made much sense from her perspective, so I’m still having a hard time getting on board with where we ended up as a result. A lot of people thought maybe last week’s ending might be a turning point for Theon (it definitely crossed my mind), but this week we learn he is still very much under Ramsay’s thumb. The walk and talk with Sansa and Ramsay was probably the most interesting bit in Winterfell for me this episode. She gets some shots in at Ramsay (and Tommen in the process which was hilarious), plants some seeds about his possible brother to twist him up a bit and even snags a corkscrew type tool. I was also intrigued by her learning about Jon becoming Lord Commander. With everything converging in the North the way it is, I wonder how this might factor into things. I’m still in wait and see mode for this storyline. I love this show, so I hope I will look back and think my criticisms, issues and worries about Sansa’s placement with the Boltons this season were unfounded and it will all be worthwhile. As I said last week, I’m not optimistic, but I would like to be proven wrong.

Game of Thrones The Gift 6

A few more things:

  • Scene of the Week: I was more excited by the meeting of Tyrion and Dany, but I feel the High Sparrow/Olenna scene was the strongest this week.
  • I like what “The Gift” in the episode title turned out to be. When I saw the title, my first thought was the region.
  • Tyrion and Jorah’s scenes together have been really fun. Tyrion improvising to make sure he is able to stick with Jorah during the slave sale was great.
  • I guess I was right about Bronn being poisoned. I wasn’t expecting it to come up or him to get an antidote so soon though.
  • I liked having the High Sparrow talk about Baelor’s vanity and the simplicity of the room (and its altar) that he and Cersei were in at the end. Good sequence.

While I didn’t find “The Gift” to be the most enthralling Game of Thrones episode to watch, it did a good job of making me excited for what is to come in the final three episodes of Season 5. There were some very important developments here that will shape the rest of this season and I can’t wait to see where they end up taking us. What did you think of this week’s Game of Thrones? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones “The Gift” Review

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  1. An improvement over the last episode and I believe does a good enough job of setting up the final run. In my draft write up, I had a line that mentioned the Dorne jail scene looked like something from True Blood, but looking back GOT does have it’s own history of eye roll inducing nudity like you said.
    I have also been thinking about this whole set up of Sansa marrying Ramsey. I haven’t worked it all out myself and I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Great review and as always I enjoy reading your thoughts on each ep.

    1. I think I tend to be more prone to eyerolling during nude scenes than most. It sounds like if I watched True Blood my eyes may get stuck up there from excessive rolling!

      I still am not really into how they got Sansa to this point, but I am going to try and keep an open mind going forward. I think if I can just perhaps accept where we ended up that there are some good scenes to be had here and I think maybe some cool things can develop from the direction they took. Or I hope at least. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This was a better episode. I liked that Theon/Reek stayed true to form. I just want him dead. Not redeemed. Just dead. Tyrion is still the best. His brilliance is outstanding. The way he can talk himself out of almost any situation is my favorite thing on the show. And I am also very excited to see what he and Dany get into. Where is the fat bald guy (I don’t know names)? He was going to make an introduction and shouldn’t he be in Mereen by now since those guys had to walk and got captured and stuff. Tommen needs to nut up and become (just a little) more like his brother. Joffrey would have the Sparrow’s head on a pike by now (after torturing him for a few days). The Dorne story does seem like it has no baring on anything else in the world. It’s like they had to find something for the heart-throb Jamie to do this season. Only three more episodes? As bad as this season has been, I still don’t want it to end.

    1. I am honestly not sure what I want from Theon anymore… haha. When I mentioned how fun Tyrion is with Jorah, I thought how he is fun with just about anyone. Most characters would be a fun pairing with him. Hopefully that will hold true with Dany. Good question about Varys (the bald guy). It will be interesting to see where he pops up next. I’d have to agree about Tommen. Kind of shows the danger of someone being too gentle in that position. Hopefully the ending to this season delivers! Thanks for the comment Mel!

  3. Finally got on WordPress again to read some of the posts I’ve been missing in the week. Good review.

    I’m usually tolerant of nudity scenes. I’m pretty charitable when thinking of why they put it in there, and even the bits I think are pretty unnecessary I usually shrug off. And I was fine with Tyene showing her boobs in this episode at first but man, we must have gotten like five different shots of them in that pretty brief scene. They were just trying a little too hard to emphasize the nudity, it felt really forced.

    I want to compliment you on the tone of your review. Even when you’re pretty critical of the show, you’re respectful and hopeful for improvements. It is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the vitriolic reactions in other corners of the internet, or the snarkiness and personal attacks on D&D that can feel ubiquitous after a controversial scene like last week’s. So, thank you, for making even the points I disagree with a good read.

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