iZombie “The Exterminator” Mini-Review

by Matthew Thompson

Once again the brain of the week is what worked best for me about the case of the week. While last episode Liv’s snacking resulted in an increased libido which was mostly played for laughs, this time they go in a different direction with her picking up the emotionless attitude of a hitman. The result is her being numb to some things that should rock her like having to kill a former friend turned zombie or seeing that Major has moved on. I especially liked the end where Liv chose to not continue eating the brain despite knowing that the pain would be hitting her sooner.

iZombie The Exterminator 2

What worked for the case itself was that it tied into another murder and brought Peyton into the main plot. This gives me hope that they will continue to get creative even if they are tied to murder cases each week. And it was nice to see Peyton as more than the annoying roommate for a bit towards the end and as they practiced for her upcoming trial.

The show also continues to delve into the zombie aspect that lies at the core of the show and does so through two extremely different characters in Liv and Blaine. Liv sees in Marcy what could become of herself if she doesn’t keep feeding and eventually feels guilt over what happened to her and what could have happened when she went from saving Ravi to almost doing something much worse. Blaine on the other hand has gone full villain which I like. It makes for an interesting contrast. I’m not sure what he was going to do with Jerome at the end (Eat his brain? Make him a zombie?), but it is too bad either way because Jerome was great in his scene with Major and Liv.

iZombie The Exterminator 1

A few funny quotes from this episode:

  • Liv to Ravi in the morgue: “I am too hungry right now to work out if you are joking or not. Your skull just turned into a giant animated ham.”
  • Ravi: “Did you just hear something?”
    Liv: “Like someone moaning the word brains? No. If you heard aimless shambling of the undead that might have just been me.”
    Ravi: “You don’t shamble.”
  • Liv to Clive at the bar’s trivia night: “Are you cool with me naming our trivia team Piggy and the Brain.”

This was another fun episode of iZombie. While it remains largely a procedural at heart, it is using the many quirks of the show to make it an unusual and hilarious one. And I just can’t get enough of Liv. Rose McIver is excellent and adorable in the lead role. Let me know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “iZombie “The Exterminator” Mini-Review

  1. A good episode. I like the quotes that you put, the dialogue is a lot of fun and witty. I also like how the show so far explores different aspects of a zombie like in the previous episode Liv went into zombie power mode when she was on the car and here we find out what happens when they don’t have brains to eat. I hope a Canadian network picks up this show, it’s filmed here.

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