iZombie “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” Mini-Review

by Matthew Thompson

This week’s case has Liv and Clive investigating the death of a playboy artist. The writers do a good job of keeping the identity of the culprit up in the air until the end and the fact that it was the wife like Clive said at the beginning ended up being a nice touch. Just like last week the most entertaining aspect of the investigation is the traits Liv picks up from snacking on the victim’s brain. That means some newly found artistic abilities which leads to some good scenes particularly the one where Liv criticizes the sketch artist. But it is her increased sexual drive that brings the most fun to this week’s episode. Seeing her distracted by all the eye candy the case puts in front of her is extremely amusing.

I was happy to see the second episode still had a good dose of serialized elements to go alongside the procedural aspect. This week that includes getting to know Blaine better. He is shaping up to be a great antagonist. His interactions with Liv are interesting to watch and his actions throughout the episode give us a better idea of how zombies work in iZombie. I’m still not sure about “Full-on Zombie Mode,” but the conversation about it and coming up with shared terminology was good for a laugh this week.

iZombie Brother Can You Spare a Brain 2

Outside of Blaine who I was intrigued by after the pilot, but got more time to shine here, I feel pretty much the same about the supporting cast as I did in week one. Ravi is my favorite. Clive is good too. Liv’s friend played by Aly Michalka continues to feel a little annoying. I like the ideas explored with Liv and her ex-fiancé Major this week. Her changing behavior will clearly have effects on her relationships which will be interesting to see. His reaction at the end was totally warranted, but something about his character and the actor’s overall performance isn’t quite working for me yet.

A few more things:

  • Scene of the Week: Everything about the interrogation scene with one of the models’ exes was just fantastic. Some great lines in and around this scene had me cracking up, my favorites being: “Cerulean” and “I’m one quarter Cherokee.” “Yeah you are.” The guy’s description of Good Cop/Horny Cop was pretty great as well. Too bad he got a bit rape-y afterwards.
  • With the focus on murder cases, this show doesn’t seem to have the potential for variety in its cases like Veronica Mars or many other great procedurals have. How they will work to mix things up is something I’m curious about going forward. And will zombie attacks or anything like that cross over into some of the cases?
  • Hey its Carla from Scrubs!
  • Rob Thomas may be my favorite TV writer and his voice really comes through in this show, so I’d like to chime in on iZombie weekly. This mini-review is an attempt at making that possible. Still working on the format, but may bounce between this and fuller reviews like last week’s depending on the time I have. Anyway thanks for reading!

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