The 100 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2” (Season 2 Finale) Review

by Matthew Thompson

The final episode of The 100’s second season hones in on two major storylines that both serve distinct purposes. Clarke and company deliver a resolution to the season’s main storyline by ending their struggle with the Mountain Men. Meanwhile Jaha and Murphy conclude their journey and tease what is to come in Season 3. In doing so, it caps off what has been an excellent sophomore effort for The 100 and already has me chomping at the bit to see where the show heads next season.

The 100 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 2

Let’s start with the final confrontation with the Mountain Men. They waste no time in getting our would-be heroes back together. Clarke finds Octavia in the tunnel right away. And before you know it Bellamy, Jasper, Monty, and Maya are there to meet them and concoct a plan on how to save their friends. And conveniently everyone else that matters to our characters is held captive up on Level 5 with Cage Wallace ready to drill for his precious bone marrow. It’s our good guys ready to save their friends from the evil Mountain Men… except it isn’t that simple because it never is with The 100.

As I’ve said time and time again, they do a wonderful job of creating these moral dilemmas without a good solution. There is no last second heroic save here to spare the innocent and take down those in the wrong. Instead, Clarke with the help of Monty and Bellamy resort to killing all those that lived in Mount Weather, so that their friends and family could survive. That means Maya, who the writers have done a good job of endearing the audience towards, dies. That means those inside who helped the 48 (or whatever we call them at this point) die. It means a bunch of children die. It is a horrific scene and one that I expect to have long-term effects on things like Clarke’s psyche and Jasper and Monty’s relationship, but it is also a scene that feels like it belongs on The 100 with all its murky greyness.

While this large-scale death scene was brutal to watch, we did get a couple smaller ones to revel in. The first was great just for the utter badassery on display by Octavia. When a couple stumbles upon her and Maya, she ends up taking out two guards in what was undoubtably one of the coolest-looking sequences in the episode. One gets a knife throw to the heart and another a slash across the neck, but it was the slide kick in between that really made it so memorable. We also get to see Lincoln take his revenge on Cage Wallace lopping off his hand and dosing him with the drugs he had tortured Lincoln with before. It was a deserved end for someone who has been a Grade-A shithead this season and satisfying to see as a result.

The 100 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 3

The ending leaves us with everyone returning to Camp Jaha… except Clarke. In the first tease towards what we might expect from Season 3, Clarke decides to leave and head off on her own. I’m not really sure what to make of this. I can understand why she’d decide to do so, but it remains to be seen how the show will make use of her being off on her own or even how long it will last. I guess it is something we will just have to wait and see on.

The big tease for next season came with the culmination of Jaha’s journey to the City of Light and man did they deliver some entertaining stuff for these characters this week. It starts with the episode’s opening scene that finds our remaining group of four attacked at sea by a pretty gnarly looking eel monster. Jaha doesn’t miss a beat sacrificing the pair of redshirts that accompanied him and Murphy so they could live on. This creates some friction between the two which sends each of them in an equally compelling direction for the rest of the episode. Murphy finds himself in the world’s coolest lighthouse. As has been the case with Murphy scenes of late, he adds some levity to this often bleak show as he explores this new space. But his scenes are also revelatory. This comes in the form of a videotape from 2052 that sheds some light on what led to the Earth’s current predicament so many years ago.

This ties directly into Jaha’s final scene where he happens upon a mansion. Here he is greeted by an AI woman named A.L.I.E. who has apparently been expecting him. She is thankful for the warhead he brought down to Earth when he crash landed in the desert. This isn’t what Jaha was hoping for. I can’t say it is exactly where I was expecting this storyline to go either, but that doesn’t mean I was disappointed. The scenes this week had a little Jaws, a little Lost, and a little Terminator going on which made them plenty entertaining while being a little creepy at the same time. They also have me intrigued to see where the show will head next. The idea of tackling what led to the nuclear war that left Earth in its current state is definitely a promising one.

The 100 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 4

A few more things:

  • The main characters felt too safe here. I didn’t for a second fear for Raven or Abby’s life this episode. I don’t want them just offing characters for the hell of it, but it just seems too convenient that every important Ark character would make it out of this alive. For a show as bold as this one, this is something I’m a little disappointed in.
  • Murphy really grew on me this season. Hard to believe after the way he started the show, but he has been excellent. I guess he will be a regular next season which is nice.
  • Happy to see Lexa make it out of the season alive! Hopefully we will see her again.
  • Emerson also makes it out alive. I wonder if we will see him again.
  • Clarke’s gloves seemed bedazzled this week and it looked ridiculous.
  • Loved seeing Octavia take charge right from the beginning of this episode even telling Clarke what was up. That was great.
  • Thanks to anyone who checked out these reviews this season. I never quite got the hang of doing these episode reviews for this show the way I’d have liked, but I enjoyed doing them for the most part.

This was an excellent way to close out what has become one of my favorite TV seasons of the year. The finale gave me more of what I expect from The 100. Our main characters making impossible decisions, not being given an easy way out by the writers, accented by some fun action sequences. It also continued to explore this mysterious world and in doing so has laid the groundwork for what should be an exciting third season. What did you think of the finale and the season as a whole? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


3 comments on “The 100 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2” (Season 2 Finale) Review

  1. Great job with all your reviews for The 100! I think you covered all the bases on this finale and I’m on the same page with all of your points. So many great smaller moments as you’ve mentioned: Octavia is awesome and a wicked payback from Lincoln on Cage. I’m a little saddened by Maya’s death but the show deserves credit for making her very sympathetic.
    I liked how the moral dilemmas kept escalating from Clarke pulling the trigger on Dante, then having to decide to irradiate level 5. Aside from Emerson, the show producers wiped the slate on the Mountain Men.

    • Thank you. I appreciate you checking out the reviews. Maya will definitely be missed and they really did keep ratcheting up those dilemmas. I wonder what Season 3 could bring in that regard!

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