Resogun Defenders DLC Review

by Matthew Thompson

Last month Resogun released its second major DLC pack, Defenders, along with another game-changing update and I am here to run you through what this latest addition brings to the game.

Resogun Defenders 1

As the title of this new downloadable content would suggest, both of the new modes have you playing defense. In Protector, you will be trying to defend and build up a city. Dropping off humans is now done at a location on the ground and like before will grant you power-ups and upgrades. These include familiar ones like shields and weapon upgrades, but a plethora of new exciting additions as well. One allows you to carry more humans while another gives you a one-time use super powerful boost. If you hit this right, you’ll be zooming around the world many times in one go all the while killing any enemy in your wake and creating something visually spectacular at the same time.

The defense angle comes into play when a large ship descends on your city to raze it to ruins. Allow it to happen and you will be penalized with having to rebuild the city while taking it out will reward you with a number of bonuses. Like all Resogun modes, there are little tricks hidden away here. For instance, dropping off a load of humans after the destroyer comes down will cause its health to fall dramatically faster as you attack it. Advanced tactics like these add depth to the mode and give you ways to improve on your last run as you discover all of Protector’s little quirks.

Of the two new modes, I prefer Protector. It reminds me of Survival in some ways, but I still think Survival remains Resogun’s best mode. Protector takes a bit longer to ramp up which I think hurts it. Still it is a lot of fun. With new enemies and power-ups as well as a whole new way of depositing humans, this will feel like a mode all its own and those looking for something new in the vein of Survival with find a lot to like here.

Resogun Defenders 4

If Protector is the Survival of this pack, then Commando is the Demolition. In truth the modes aren’t similar at all, but they both feel like a change of pace from the typical Resogun gameplay found in all the other modes. Commando finds you playing as a human protecting his home from falling asteroids and invading baddies. Here you run along the ground, jumping and dashing, equipped with a multi-directional gun to try to keep your house in tact as long as possible. You’ll find new power-ups here too like the ultra-powerful minigun that tears through the opposition or a pair of shades that will slow enemies to a crawl and give you the upper hand.

It is typically a shorter mode than Protector in my experience which makes it better for quick play sessions. There is an end after 20 waves though it will repeat so you can up your score further. One final touch I thought was nice is that your little commando will spout some Arnold-like phrases complete with a similar voice to the legendary action star. This mode didn’t hit me as well as Protector, but it is no doubt another quality addition to Resogun.

Resogun Defenders 3

Alongside the DLC, Housemarque released a free update that adds a lot of new things to do in the form of feats and challenges. Feats are basically in-game achievements. Challenges add new parameters to existing modes and give you additional ways to compete with friends. All this ties into a new leveling system which unlocks content like concept art. While some of it veers towards carrot on a stick type stuff, a lot of it adds new twists that are fun to try out and gives you great incentive to play more often. And it is free, so it is hard to complain about any of the things you aren’t interested in.

Resogun is the game that keeps on giving and this new content adds more reason to return to one of this gen’s best titles. I don’t think this Defenders DLC is quite as good as the Heroes expansion, but between it and the free update Housemarque has added even more things to do in a game already bursting with replay value and all for a more than reasonable price. Simply put, Defenders is another must-buy for Resogun fans.


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