The 100 “Bodyguard of Lies” Review

by Matthew Thompson

With the start of The 100‘s two-part season finale just a week away, “Bodyguard of Lies” seems to be putting the last pieces into place for an explosive finish to the season. That means we see progress made towards the battle with the Mountain Men and the journey to the City of Light, but it is also clear we will be seeing these reach their climax in the finale.

The 100 Bodyguard of Lies 3

One thing that does reach the finish line is Bellamy’s quest to take out Mount Weather’s acid fog defense. While there are some hurdles for him to jump early on in the episode (his keycard is deactivated, he needs to take another route to the control room), the actual shutting down of the fog seems to go swimmingly. With the help of Raven and Wick, he just fiddles a bit with a touchscreen and things are taken care of. Obviously that was a bit too easy and Cage has given him false hope, but in doing so he gives us the excellent sequence that follows. Chased by gunfire, Bellamy improvises a way to blow the whole room up by using his handheld torch. It is a really fun action scene even if plot armor seems to save Bellamy at the end. They honestly should have just had Bellamy get out of the vent before the fire blew through, so it didn’t seem as ridiculous that he lived. But the action bit beforehand was still great and I even loved the part where Bellamy first realizes he was mislead. Adding to the tension is the fact that the Grounder army is already marching on towards Mount Weather thinking the fog was disabled the first time. It made for a real “oh shit” moment and was set up wonderfully.

Before that march began, we spent more time with Clarke and Lexa. It isn’t surprising to see Lexa make a move on Clarke by the end. I’ve always felt there was chemistry between the two especially during their little zoo adventure a few episodes back and you could feel the tension rising between them throughout their conversations this week despite them being at odds over things they’ve done. They can certainly relate more to each other than most other people on the show, so this really does make a lot of sense to me. Clarke shut things down fairly quickly though, so we will have to see if this goes anywhere in the future especially when Bellamy is back in the picture.

The 100 Bodyguard of Lies 4

We also check back in with Jaha this week. A slow escape from a minefield that costs them a few members of their party leads to the seeming revelation that there was no city to find. Instead the lights they saw were created by some solar panels. But I wasn’t buying that at all and sure enough they run into a drone which sends them rowing a boat in pursuit. I admit this portion of the journey felt a bit silly at times, but I love Jaha’s unwavering faith and Murphy’s shrug-and-go-with-it attitude compliments it nicely. Still the wait to see the City of Light is starting to get to me. We better see it before season’s end! I do wonder what kind of trouble the crew might get into on the water beforehand though.

A few more things:

  • I continue to understand all sides of the debate about the way Clarke and Lexa handled the bombing. Octavia makes some good points and I kind of enjoyed her not buying any of Clarke’s reasoning. Still Indra made some strong points of her own at the end to help sell Octavia on the idea. It speaks to how well they set up this moral dilemma that all sides can make as much sense as they do.
  • Raven and Wick succumb to some heightened pre-war emotions as well. Her reactions afterwards make sense given what she has been through with Finn. If I’m being honest, I have a hard time caring about Wick because he has had such a small role in the show so far which means my investment in this pairing is pretty low.
  • I don’t feel great about the future prospects for the Clarke-Lexa relationship. People are sure to die in the finale and Lexa’s actress is going to be a regular in The Walking Dead spinoff, so my hopes for her surviving aren’t high. That would be a shame as I’ve loved her character on the show so far. We’ll have to see what happens. I’d love to be wrong!

In some ways, “Bodyguard of Lies” acts as a set-up episode for the looming finale, but it certainly isn’t content to be just that either. With a myriad of great character moments that push relationships in new directions and one superb action scene, this episode delivered plenty of excitement of its own while also making the final moves to set up what should be a thrilling end to the season. What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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