TV Show Power Rankings: February 23, 2015

by Matthew Thompson

I’ve been looking to bring back my TV Show Power Rankings that were a staple of this site during early 2014 and starting today I finally will be. In an effort to make them more plentiful, I will be mixing up what I rank from time to time. So one week it may be characters, another I might go with a more negative list. But to kick things back off, I will be talking about the best shows I’m watching at the moment. Just like before this is a “what have you done for me lately” kind of list. So, no lifetime achievement awards here. A great episode can vault you to the top while a bad one or even a couple of weeks off the air could drop you out. Well here they are (these contain mild spoilers for the shows listed):

Black Sails February 2015

1. Black Sails: This show has been absolutely on fire this season. There has been more of Flint’s ruthlessness (the way he wins back his crew is a thing of beauty). There has been more of Vane’s brutality (like cutting off a rival’s head and posting it up for all to see). And Silver is always there to lighten the mood if all the vicious pirate action gets to be too much for you (it won’t though). On top of all this, there is the shocking reveal about Flint in the latest episode that sheds a new light on some of his actions throughout the entire series. It is the kind of twist that managed to catch me completely off-guard and yet make so much sense looking back that I’m not sure how I didn’t figure it out before. The writers deserve heaps of credit for how they set it all up. Plus that latest cliffhanger was just awesome. In my opinion, this has been the best show of 2015 so far.

The 100 February 2015

2. The 100: It is no secret I have been loving The 100’s second season, but with all the Finn drama behind it, it has been even better in 2015. The show continues to be bold, pulling the trigger on moves many other shows might shy away from like Clarke not saving the day before the village bombing or the gruesome yet satisfying death for one of the show’s villains. The build to the confrontation with the Mountain Men for those inside and outside Mount Weather has been fantastic. Sending Jaha and company out in search of the City of Light has also satisfied my desire to explore more of The 100’s version of Earth. Overall it has been excellent television.

Jane the Virgin February 2015

3. Jane the Virgin: Jane was the biggest surprise of the Fall even managing to make it into my year-end top ten list. It has continued to work as both a deviously clever soap and a hilarious satire of the genre. I did find the Sin Rostro reveal to be extremely predictable, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t used it to create some great material. I also can’t say enough good things about the narrator and captions the show uses. Between them and Rogelio, Jane the Virgin manages to be one of the most hilarious shows on TV despite all the sudsy drama at its core.

The Americans February 2015

4. The Americans: This show has become the master at creating tense and quietly thrilling television. Case in point: the car chase in “Open House.” This isn’t a chase out of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but a long, slow ride to evade the CIA’s tails. It was an exciting sequence oozing with tension and Philip’s tuck and roll out of the car was just plain cool. I’ve been impressed with the new ways the writers’ come up with to disturb me on a weekly basis too. The second episode’s suitcase moment takes the cake, but the bit of home dentistry in Episode 3 was tough to watch as well. I often say I respect The Americans quality more than I enjoy watching it, but for whatever reason I’m doing both here early in Season 3.

The Originals February 2015

5. The Originals: The Vampire Diaries is a shell of its former self and I am just sort of going through the motions watching it at this point. Fortunately The Originals can be quite good still and has been on a roll these last few episodes. In particular, I loved “The Devil is Damned.” The way Klaus and Kol put their trust in each other. The tease of Hope’s powers. Freya being there now to mix things up. The explosive ending with Elijah and Finn. It all came together to create one of the series’ best episodes. And yes, I somehow ended up including three series from The CW here, but it just goes to show what a great line-up they have these days.

Just Missed the Cut: Felt a little bad not including a half-hour comedy this time around, but I debated including both Brooklyn Nine-Nine which I still think is TV’s best comedy and Man Seeking Woman which in its best moments might be even funnier.

That will do it for my first TV Show Power Rankings of 2015. What would top your rankings for 2015 so far? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


11 comments on “TV Show Power Rankings: February 23, 2015

  1. Great post. That’s exactly how I feel regarding The Americans. I don’t feel its changed much since season 2 but I’m finding I enjoy it more this season, its very consistently intense.

  2. Black Sails is awesome. I did not see that coming at all. And it makes so much sense, it was damn near obvious. I loved the scene with John Silver and Billy Bones and the cook. Especially because the cook hated Silver for so long but John has won them over completely. “We like him.” and then later to Silver about Billy. “We like him too.” I can’t wait to see these two battle for the soul of the crew. And Vane and Flint fight it out of course. Black Sails became my favorite currently active show (Vikings is back so we’ll see how long that lasts) with this episode.

    The Americans has been consistently good from the beginning but I feel like I’m waiting for them to bring the daughter into the fold. It needs a major change like that to push it back to the top. My favorite character other than the two leads is the Russian girl who has been cultivating her spycraft since the beginning. And she’s the one character that’s been evolving the most since the beginning. I need her back in the states. Back to the main story.

    I’m gonna binge watch season 1 of the 100. You’ve totally convinced me.

    • That was an excellent scene with Silver and Billy. I just caught up on Vikings last month and it is awesome too. The premiere was pretty good.

      I definitely agree about Nina on The Americans. I didn’t expect her to be a favorite of mine early on in the series but she has grown on me. I am glad she is still around but like you I wish she wasn’t so far removed from the main plot.

      Hopefully you will like The 100! I think it doesn’t really come together until towards the end of the first season, but now it is one of my favorites. So even if it seems a little corny early on stick with it!

      Thanks for commenting Mel!

  3. Great to see you’re back doing your Top TV power rankings. I’m always curious what other shows people are enjoying especially your lists since I think we share a lot of common interests.

    I’m on Episode VI of Black Sails, it’s not the sea thriller that I expected so far but I’m enjoying the characters and the story. It seems like Cpt. Flint has an ulterior motive so this quest for treasure could lead to something unexpected. It’s interesting.

    Good to know that Season 2 of The Originals is still going on strong, I’ve finished the first season last month and I’m ready for more :D. I’m pretty behind on the Americans, I’m at Season 1 ep 8 … so far I’m having a lot of fun with the spy stuff and the two lead actors are fantastic.

    • Black Sails definitely took a bit to get going. I was a little disappointed early on since there wasn’t a lot of action on the sea at first, but I believe it picks up around where you are now in that regard. Nice to see you are enjoying The Originals and The Americans as well.

      Also glad you get a kick out of the Power Rankings! Thanks for commenting!

    • I am woefully behind on a few of those. I need to catch up on Togetherness. I thought it was alright based on what I watched. I thought the sister and friend were particularly fun the first couple episodes. And hey thanks for actually making some picks!

  4. The Originals is definitely on the top of my rankings. They’ve done an excellent job with this show and it’s fun to watch. Grimm would be another show that is really hitting its stride this season. So ridiculous but so good. One more is Agent Carter. Though a limited run series, Peggy kicked ass and is beyond an incredible role model.
    I watched about five episodes of the first season of Black Sails but it didn’t live up to its potential for me so I quit it. Good to hear that it’s improved in the 2nd season. I have to find the time to wacth The 100 since I’ve heard it’s such a good show.
    Fun post to read!

    • Another Originals fan! Sweet! Yeah it has been great. I can’t say I’ve watched Grimm or Agent Carter. It is hard to catch everything these days.

      I felt similarly about Black Sails at first. It felt like it was a barely a pirate show, not enough time out at sea in the early episodes, but is much better now. It and The 100 are worth a(nother) shot if you get the time! Thanks for commenting!

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