The 100 “Resurrection” Review

by Matthew Thompson

The 100 has been on fire for the past few weeks, so it isn’t surprising to see it have a bit of an off week. “Resurrection” picks up where you’d expect, sorting through the aftermath of the Tondc bombing and the radiation leak into Level 5 of Mount Weather. So while what they did this week made sense, it just didn’t make for a particularly compelling hour of television.

The 100 Resurrection 3

I guess I wasn’t completely correct when I complained that all the major characters got out of harm’s way in Tondc last week: Indra ends up hurt and Kane finds himself trapped deep in the rubble. Both end up fine, but it gives a couple of other characters a chance to shine. With Indra out of action, Octavia gets the opportunity to further prove herself by getting those pinned down by sniper fire out of harm’s way and leading a rescue mission for those trapped underneath Tondc. Lincoln also gets to play hero, heading off to take out the Mount Weather sniper. He ends up joining up with Clarke and Lexa to do so and regains Indra’s respect in the end. There were a couple of cool moments in these storylines, Octavia using the alcohol to create a smoke screen and Clarke shooting through Lincoln to take out the enemy, but neither scenario did a lot for me overall. Maybe the most interesting thing to come of it was a conversation between Abby and Kane when they were trapped underneath the village. Kane basically tells Abby to cut Clarke some slack by smartly pointing out some of the choices they both made back on the Ark and how they weren’t all that different from Clarke’s latest decision. I’ve been digging Kane’s wisdom of late and enjoyed him doling out a bit more this week.

Having freed themselves from lockdown in last week’s episode, Jasper, Monty and the rest of the 100 inside of Mount Weather are now tasked with holding their ground against the much better equipped enemy they are up against. It leads to the episode’s best moment as they all pretend to be passed out when the Mountain Men storm their barricaded room before jumping up to take them on. Equipped with axes, kitchen knives and whatever else they could scrounge up, it leads to some brutal moments, the exact kind I’ve come to expect from The 100. Ultimately the group escapes through a garbage chute with the help of Bellamy and Maya. From here they disperse and are hidden away. Apparently not all those in Mount Weather are on the side of the new President and a group led by Maya’s father decides to help the members of the 100 on the inside stay safe.

The 100 Resurrection 2

The end sees Clarke saying goodbye to her mother before heading off for what one would assume to be the proper attack on Mount Weather. “Resurrection” wasn’t a bad episode by any means, merely a solid one, but it did feel like a bit of a drop off after the excellent outings of the last few weeks. It just seemed to lack the compelling scenarios and standout moments of recent episodes. There wasn’t much I particularly disliked about it either, but it certainly didn’t give me the feeling that I’d just watched something special like “Rubicon” did. I’m hoping the ending means things are set to pick up again next week. What did you think of this latest episode of The 100? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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