The 100 “Rubicon” Review

by Matthew Thompson

In last week’s episode of The 100, Clarke stood up to her mother and established herself as the main leader of their people. While Clarke has largely been in control for a while, this act seems to add some extra weight and pressure on her shoulders. “Rubicon” sees her calling the shots, but faced with a situation without a perfect solution.

The 100 has never been afraid to tackle some murky moral quandaries and this latest episode presents a doozy when Bellamy overhears Cage Wallace’s plans to bomb the big Grounder meeting in Tondc. If they try to get everyone out of harm’s way, the Mountain Men will realize they have an inside man. Is Bellamy’s position too important to the larger picture to lose? That is Lexa’s viewpoint. “Sometimes you have to concede the battle to win the war,” she says. That means getting her, Clarke and the Warchiefs out of the village and dealing with the other casualties as a necessary loss, so Bellamy can still help them take down those in Mount Weather and save their people inside. Clarke ultimately agrees, but not without some hesitation. It is clear that despite her seeming more cold-blooded as of late, she isn’t quite as far to that end of the spectrum as Lexa.

My one complaint about this storyline would be how conveniently every major character in Tondc gets out before the missile arrives. Clarke seeing her mother just in time. Octavia, Kane and Indra all happening to be investigating things out in the woods when it hit. But I won’t complain too much because they actually bombed the village! Another show might have had Clarke find the guy giving coordinates just in the nick of time to save everyone. Not this one. The 100 shows the horror of the situation and brings up all kinds of questions for both Clarke and the viewers about her decision. The most obvious one being: was it the right choice? But there are others too. How did Clarke’s relationship with both Bellamy and Lexa affect the decision? How do you weigh the lives of those inside against those in that village? Would Bellamy’s cover have really been blown so fast it was worth the sacrifice? And many more. I’m still bouncing them all around in my head. I haven’t loved Abby’s reactions towards Clarke recently, but her questions at the end of tonight’s episode felt justified. I’m not saying Clarke was wrong or that Abby would have made a better decision, but this was an incredibly messy situation without an easy solution. Kudos to the writers for their gutsy moves in this plotline.

Bellamy has put the plan to kill the acid fog on hold in an effort to stop his people from dying on the inside of Mount Weather. With his father locked away, Cage along with Doctor Tsing have no one to hold them back and have gone straight for the bone marrow for a faster solution to their people’s plight, killing members of the original 100 in the process. It isn’t until the end of the episode that Bellamy saves the day by leaking radiation into the area and killing the guards and the doctor before they can take Jasper away. I must again give credit to the writers. This time for not letting Tsing slip away. Her death is a gruesome one, but satisfying for viewers given what she had been up to. Next we get to see what the survivors on the inside get into now that they are out of lockdown.

This made up the bulk of the episode, but we also check in on Jaha’s journey to the City of Light. As soon as the girl popped up and told her story, I suspected it was a trap, but it was still fun to watch it play out. Murphy managed to make enough of an impact on her in their brief time together to get some quick directions to their destination even if they lost all their supplies in the process. Seeing him go all in on the trip, and “have faith” as Jaha would put it, was an interesting development. I really liked the shot of them climbing the hill with the moon climbing over the horizon too. It was fun to be in the desert again and I still can’t wait to see the City of Light. We are getting closer each week!

A couple more things:

  • This show reminds me of Game of Thrones often. The latest being the Ice Nation’s Wildling-like appearance. But I must say the mention of wastelanders in the desert reminded me of Jak 3! Never a bad thing!
  • Octavia’s pep talk for Lincoln gets my vote for cheesiest moment of the week.

“Rubicon” is another example of how bold The 100 can be. The various factions remain as fascinating as ever to watch, and the writers continue to present us and the characters with difficult moral questions to answer. Plus we are once again venturing further into this world I love so much via Jaha’s group. I couldn’t ask for much more out of this week’s episode of The 100 and I hope it can keep this momentum through the end of the season. What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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