Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode 2 “The Lost Lords” Impressions

by Matthew Thompson

When I reviewed the first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones, I kept things as spoiler-free as possible. You can check out that review here if you are curious what this series has to offer as this second episode largely delivers more of the same. It is a little harder to talk about the second one without spoilers, so I’ve decided to just make this post for those that have played it and want to see another player’s impressions. What I’m saying is: Spoilers for the first two episodes of the game to follow!

Game of Thrones The Lost Lords 1

The addition of Asher brings a new type of character to play as while adding a new location to the mix.

The first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones packed quite the ending. Ethan’s death was the kind of shocking moment the series is known for. Once I realized it was an unavoidable outcome and not a result of my terrible spur of the moment decision-making, it was easy to embrace it as a perfect way to close out the first outing for this new game series.

Episode 2 “The Lost Lords” brings a surprise of its own into the Forrester’s home of Ironrath: Rodrik is still alive. Crippled and scarred he steps into the role of Lord trying to pick up the pieces of House Forrester left by the fall of the Starks in the North and the actions of his family in the first episode. The crucial thing for Rodrik this episode seemed to be keeping his betrothal to Elaena of House Glenmore in order to have some back-up in a looming war with the Boltons and Whitehills. Unsurprisingly, I failed in this endeavor. At this point, I had promised Ironwood to half of Westeros, so I didn’t think it was smart to promise it to the Glenmores as well. The result means I didn’t do much to convince Elaena to stick with Rodrik. I also managed to piss off his mom in the process when my pride wouldn’t let me kiss Lord Whitehill’s ring. I don’t really regret that one though as I had no reason to really trust him to come through on his end of the bargain. This portion ended on a strong note with the funeral for Ethan and Gregor that fit the tone of the series very well.

Game of Thrones The Lost Lords 3

In the first episode, my choices went against the grain more often than not, but this time I chose the same as the majority on each of the decisions featured in the final stat screen.

The storyline with Mira in King’s Landing remains my least favorite of the bunch. I do feel okay with most of my decisions here this time though. I decided against forging the letter, I was a total ass to the Whitehill reps in the meeting with Tyrion, and I killed the Lannister guard who attacked me. I found the bits with Gared Tuttle at The Wall more entertaining. Partly because it allowed us to see a new region for the first time in the game and partly because I got to interact with Jon Snow, my favorite character from the show to appear in this game series so far, but also because I enjoyed trying to fit in as a new recruit a bit more than the stuff featured in Mira’s portions.

The final part of the puzzle is new to this second episode. We heard about Asher Forrester before, but we play as him this go around. We also get a better understanding of why he was exiled and what he is up to now, fighting as a sellsword in Essos. Daenerys is my favorite character in the series, so seeing Telltale’s take on the material stretch into her neck of the woods is something I can get behind. The tease for the next episode preview also features a possible run in with a dragon! Dragons are always good. I imagine he will cross paths with Dany at some point which I’d certainly welcome, but it makes me wonder if that means he will never really be able to help his family back in Westeros.

I guess that is the biggest question of all. How will all these disparate parts come together and how will my decisions play a part in how they do? I’ve not heard the best of things about the latter based on people’s impressions of Telltale’s other games, so I’m not sure I have the highest hopes there. Still I enjoy being in this world and this second episode was another solid offering in the series.


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