London Grammar at the Electric Factory (Philadelphia-1/30/15): A Photo Blog

by Matthew Thompson

Hey everyone. I went to see London Grammar this past Friday and thought I’d share some photos and quick impressions of the show. It was at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. I couldn’t remember if I’d been there before. All these smaller venues in Philly kind of blend together in my mind, but once I arrived at the place I remembered it. I think it was Ra Ra Riot I saw there a few years back. We got there early before the floor really filled up and snagged a spot about ten feet or so from the stage.

Until the Ribbon Breaks 3

The opening band was called Until the Ribbon Breaks. I hadn’t heard of them before I bought tickets for the show. I had listened to them a little bit before going, but didn’t really have a feel for their sound yet. They have a similar electronic vibe to London Grammar which made them a good fit to open up, but they also had a more varied range of styles by the sounds of it.

Until the Ribbon Breaks 4

For instance, there was some hip-hop in there. One track featured a verse from Run the Jewels which they cut to on a video screen in the back. The lead singer even broke out a trumpet a few times, so they definitely packed some variety into their set. I enjoyed their performance and intend to give them more of a listen in the future.

London Grammar Banner 2

The main attraction was up next. As I excited as I was to see London Grammar, they have a pretty mellow sound, so I wasn’t sure what to expect seeing them live, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. Above you can see the banner that hung over the stage.

London Grammar Live Show 1

Probably the result of having only released one major album so far, they played pretty much everything I’d have wanted. That included my favorite song of theirs “Stay Awake” and others I was really hoping to hear like, “Shyer,” “Wasting My Young Years,” “Strong,” and “Metal and Dust.”

London Grammar Live Show 3

The main appeal of London Grammar for me is Hannah Reid’s incredible voice. You never know how it might sound different in person, but she sounded even better live. She really is something else.

London Grammar Live Show 2

It was also a plus that it didn’t sound like they were playing the songs just as they were on the album. They had their own live flare, but without sounding too different. The best performance was probably “Wasting My Young Years” or “Shyer.” “Metal and Dust” was another standout despite Hannah looking like she was giggling a little while they played it.

London Grammar Live Show 4

They weren’t real talkative between songs, but still seemed nice and charming when they did. I also somehow ended up with a pick that Dan Rothman threw into the crowd thanks to my friend spotting it ricocheting our way somehow and snagging it.

London Grammar Live Show 5

It was a pretty great show and I’m really happy to have seen them this time around. I missed them last time they were in the area. Now having seen Metric, Chvrches, London Grammar, and Banks over the past couple of years, I’ve really been able to see most of my recent favorite bands live which is something I’d like to try to keep up with my favorite albums and bands in the years to come.  Well, that will do it for this post. Thanks for checking it out!


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