The Triple Option Turns One Year Old!

by Matthew Thompson

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Today marks the one-year anniversary of this site and I figured I’d take this opportunity to sort of take stock and look back on how things went in the first year of The Triple Option.

First though I want to thank all of you. Whether you stumbled upon my site for the first time this year or knew me from one of my previous blogs, whether you read a single article or were a regular visitor, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my writing. A special thanks to anyone who liked a post and especially those who commented on them here, Twitter or one of the other places where I linked to the blog. That takes some extra effort and engaging with others makes writing a lot more fun.

Okay onto how it went this year. I made a goal of hitting 120 posts on the site in 2014 which I pulled off (122 to be exact). A few were old posts brought over from my previous blogs, but I still consider that a win. I tried not to worry about views, but they have improved throughout the year which I am also happy with. I really like the mini-reviews I added to the mix late in the year. They helped me cover more games and shows as well as shaking my need to be exhaustive in reviews, something that has carried over to single reviews as well. I also hoped to cover some other subjects on this site. Make it about all my hobbies. I did some nice posts on football, books and LEGO. Some worked better than others, but I’m happy I gave them a try. With less time the past couple months I got away from them, but I hope to mix them in again during 2015.

Where was I less successful? Well I wanted to add a podcast. I experimented with it. Had some technical issues with some episodes. I wasn’t ever totally comfortable either. I’m not the greatest speaker and I like being able to edit posts on the site as much as I need. With this it was obviously different, but I was getting better at it. It was a bit more time-consuming than I’d hoped on the editing side too. I haven’t thrown in the towel on it yet, so maybe you guys will still see this come about in the next couple months. Thanks to anyone who helped with those experiments. And hopefully we can try it again before long.

I was hoping to do some more casual or personal posts. Just talking about other things going on with me, but I never got there. I’d done them back in my 1up blogging days, but never on WordPress and I just never pulled the trigger this year. And I still haven’t kicked the habit of writing something and deciding against posting it afterwards. I wanted to be better about that and just using my lesser pieces as a chance to grow, but I suppose I still have a certain standard I want to meet which isn’t the worst thing ever.

Otherwise my only regret is not being more involved in the community here. I did find some great blogs which I regularly visit, but I want to find more and be better about leaving comments on everyone’s sites.

Despite not quite nailing everything, I’m really happy with the first year and hope to improve on some of the things I was less satisfied with this year. One final thing you may notice is a new layout for the site. I had been contemplating switching themes for the new year. When I was testing some different ones, I found out my old theme had been retired! That kind of forced my hand into picking something new. I need to tweak some things and fix some formatting that doesn’t work with the dark theme, but I am pretty happy with the new look. Though any feedback would be appreciated!

That will do it for now. Throughout the next week I will be finishing my look back at 2014 with one more TV post, a few on games and one more covering a myriad of other subjects like music and sports. So look out for them soon. Thanks again to all of you who have helped make this a successful first year for The Triple Option!

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