LEGO 70801 Melting Room (The LEGO Movie) Review

by Matthew Thompson

LEGO Melting Room

Whether you are a fan of building LEGO sets or not, you probably loved The LEGO Movie. And who can blame you? It was just an excellent animated film loaded with creativity. After watching it, I wanted so badly to go get some sets based on the movie, but my favorites, Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! and MetalBeard’s Sea Cow, were a little too expensive for me. I might still get the spaceship down the line, but I talked myself out of it initially. One day at the store I did make an impulse buy of this Melting Room set and figured I’d give it a quick review.

LEGO Melting Room 2

The Melting Room is a small set containing 122 pieces and three minifigures. It depicts the scene from the movie where Emmet is taken in by the Robo Police to have the Piece of Resistance melted off his back, but Wyldstyle comes in to save the day. The actual built part including the laser and restraining bed doesn’t do a lot for me. When it comes to sets, I usually prefer structures that feel complete whether that be a vehicle or a full building of some kind. And this doesn’t really deliver that. I do think the build of the laser is pretty good. It and the bed have some decent movement capabilities which is nice, but otherwise there isn’t a whole lot to love here.

LEGO Melting Room Minifigures

The real appeal of the Melting Room and the reason I decided to get this set at all were the minifigures. If I don’t ever get another movie set, I will now at least have one of both Emmet and WyldStyle, but the figures themselves are really fantastic. Along with the movie’s two leads you get a Robo SWAT officer shown here.

LEGO Melting Room Emmet Minifigure

Here is another look at Emmet. As you can see in the last two photos, Emmet has two different expressions depending on which way you face his head. I love the panicked look you see in the group shot (easily my favorite part of this figure), but having a more normal look is nice too. Emmet also comes with the Piece of Resistance which goes on via a neck piece like a backpack or cape might.

LEGO Melting Room Wyldstyle Minifigure

My absolute favorite part of this set is the Wyldstyle figure. When I watched the movie and saw her in the hoodie, I thought to myself, “I hope there is a minifigure of her with the hood up like that.” Sure enough there was and I am very happy to have it in my collection. She also sports two looks. The straight face here and the half-smirk in the group shot. I prefer the smirk, but it is good to have both. I love the hood. The bit of her hair that you see is built right into it. It is also made of a softer rubber and not the hard plastic of the usual helmet peice. And it just looks great.

LEGO Melting Room Wyldstyle Minifigure 2

In this shot you can see some of the detail on the side of the hood, her arm and her back featuring her graffiti-style designs. Overall this is just a fantastic minifigure and really delivers what I was hoping when I first saw her appear this way in the movie.

LEGO Melting Room Weapons

This final shot shows the weapons that are included in this set. An axe for Wyldstyle. A gun and handcuffs (there are two pairs) for the SWAT officer. As someone who never buys any modern City sets, these are my first handcuffs and it doesn’t hurt to have them as part of my collection. I may have something similar to the gun from a space set or something, but again, not bad to have another. The gun has a clip in the top which could be used to mod it a bit and turn it into something a bit more complicated. Some kind of heavy-duty laser gun or sniper rifle perhaps.

I’d have a hard time recommending this set for anything but the minifigures. The price seems fine for what you get (I paid $13), but there just isn’t anything particularly special about the set itself. So as much as I personally love the Wyldstyle figure included in this Melting Room set, it isn’t a set I’d say has a lot of value outside of someone trying to collect the whole LEGO Movie theme.


One comment on “LEGO 70801 Melting Room (The LEGO Movie) Review

  1. That Wildstyle figure is fantastic. Love the detail on her hood. Kit doesn’t look too exciting though. I’d rather get 1980’s Spaceship while doing my best Charlie Day impression the whole time. Also need to rewatch that movie.

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