Coming Soon: LEGO Set Reviews

by Matthew Thompson

Knight on Horse

LEGO’s Castle themes have always been my favorite.

Hey everyone. One thing I really hope to do is start featuring some more varied content on this blog. Last month I did my first sports blog, something I hope to do more of when football season rolls around. Now I am hoping to start adding some LEGO reviews to the mix. I have been building LEGO sets since I was very young and while I don’t buy as many sets as I used to, they are still a favorite hobby of mine whether it be building a new set, messing around with an old one, or building creations of my own.

My plan is to review some of the sets I have accumulated over the years along with any more recent ones I might grab here and there. What I’d like to do each month or so, is hone in on a particular theme. So I’d start with a review of what might be the standout set from that theme. Then do a blog with mini-reviews of a few more in that line. And finally I hope to create a design of my own using any pieces from that line of LEGO sets, one that would also feel like it fit into that particular theme.

I should have my first review up tomorrow for the Excavation Searcher and if all goes well, I will have a couple more posts about the Life on Mars theme that includes that set in the coming weeks following the setup I explained above (I mostly picked Life on Mars because I just found my old collection and happened to build a few). For now these will be a work in progress as I figure out the best way to discuss and photograph them. And some of my sets may not be complete which might affect which ones I can feature for the different themes I have. So there might be some growing pains while I get these rolling, but hopefully they will be fun to check out and you guys will enjoy this new facet of the blog. Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for more LEGO posts soon!


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