My Top Five Emmy Snubs

by Matthew Thompson

Just like any year, there are many issues with this year’s Emmy nominations. But I am not all-knowing in the TV department either. I haven’t even seen every show that has been nominated, but there were still quite a few special shows and performances  this season that didn’t get a nod that I thought I’d mention some in a blog here. So here are five I wish got recognized this year, but did not.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the “Oustanding Comedy Series” Category

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Since I started this blog, I have heaped plenty of praise on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I was impressed with how funny it was right out of the gate in its freshman season and how much I liked the whole cast, two things that I find aren’t too common in comedies. Not only did it deserve a nomination here, but I would have picked it as my winner as well. Admittedly, Orange is the New Black is close especially its first season which falls into this Emmy period though its longer format and dramedy style also makes it a tough comparison for me.

On the topic of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I would have loved to see an “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy” nom go to any of the three ladies on the show (Chelsea Peretti would be my personal pick). I was happy to see Andre Braugher get one on the male side of that award. It was well-deserved.

Tatiana Maslany in the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” Category

Orphan Black 3

In my opinion, Tatiana Maslany is the best actress on television. The work she does on Orphan Black astounds me on a weekly basis as she gives life to a number of different characters on-screen. It might be kind of cliché to say, but she really does make it seem like each character is being played by a different actress. For the second year in a row, her omission is the one that rankled me the most.

I wouldn’t mind the show being nominated in the overall drama category either, but while Tatiana was as good as ever this season, I do think the show as a whole took a step back from Season 1 due to some plotting and mythology issues. Admittedly that isn’t why it wasn’t nominated, but it makes its exclusion in this category less of an issue than Tatiana’s in the acting segment.

Person of Interest in the “Oustanding Drama Series” Category

Person of Interest

There are a few omissions here that I could call out, but I am going to go with Person of Interest. While some may think it is just another CBS procedural, it is much more. The third season was its best and it really nailed the perfect balance between its procedural elements and its overarching storylines. The arc that saw one of its main cast members exit the show this past Fall was particularly excellent television. It’s got all the things you’d want out of a premiere drama and shouldn’t be ignored by the larger TV viewing public or the Emmy voters.

Rick and Morty in the “Outstanding Animated Program” Category

Rick and Morty May

The problem here is I don’t watch a ton of animated programs anymore, so it is hard for me to call them out for leaving my favorite from the nominees. On the other hand, the fact that I rarely get into animated shows these days and I love Rick and Morty as much as I do might just be another indicator of just how great the show is. The creativity is really through the roof here and it is right up there with Brooklyn Nine-Nine on my list of funniest TV shows this season.

Pedro Pascal in the “Oustanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series” Category

Game of Thrones Two Swords 3

Unlike the rest of my choices in this blog, Game of Thrones got plenty of love from the Emmys. But I am surprised one of their nominations wasn’t for Pedro Pascal’s guest role as Oberyn Martell. He really exceeded my expectations and became my favorite part of the show’s fourth season. It is hard to be too upset since GoT is one of those shows that just rakes in the nominations each year, but I would have loved to have seen Pascal get some more recognition for his excellent work as the Dornish Prince. I certainly hope we see him go onto bigger roles in the future.

Those are the ones that really came to my head first as far as big misses from the Emmy nominations this year, but that is definitely not all of them. Which actors and TV shows would you have liked to have seen nominated for an Emmy this season? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My Top Five Emmy Snubs

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  1. Brooklyn I imagine will eventually become an Emmy juggernaut. It’s too typical of the Emmy nominations combined with great talent to not be considered in the future. Rick and Morty probably won’t stand as much of a chance unless its online following hits Archer levels of popularity. Emmy judges seem to really not like Adult Swim. Though the biggest crime is the guy who voices Jerry isn’t getting any nominations.

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