Best of 7th Gen: An Introduction

by Matthew Thompson

Intro Header

So this is something I’ve been planning for a while and after much internal debate over the choices, I will be starting up a countdown of my top 25 games of the seventh generation of consoles this month. I will be giving each game its own blog, but I’m not in a huge hurry to finish these. I’m hoping to roll them all out by the end of 2014, but if not… no big deal. In addition to these blogs, I will have the occasional supplementary post about last gen as well. These will probably be in the form of top five lists about some specific elements of the generation (like boss fights for instance). Anyway, before I kicked the thing off with my number 25 choice I wanted to rundown some decisions I made in making the list. It was very tough to come up with this list and even tougher to rank them (and I’ll probably shuffle them a bit more before publishing all of these), so these will be some guidelines I opted to use in coming up with the list.

  • These are generally my favorite games of the generation which I find a little different than best. How good they are does play a part of course and at times I used their more objective qualities to help break ties in my mind. Ultimately it is a mix. These being my favorites also means they favor the kind of games I like the most.
  • Ordering these was hard. I love the top eight or so and then things get muddled. They’re very close in my mind especially those within a few spots from each other. I guess I’m using this point to cop out of the order a little!
  • I decided for variety’s sake to only include one game from any particular series with the exceptions of a couple spinoffs and games I consider different series under the same umbrella so to speak. This will give me a chance to cover more different franchises and if other games would have been included I will cover them briefly in the blog of the one I did include from that series.
  • I was a little unsure what to include. I decided to include retail and downloadable games from the PS3, 360 and Wii. I decided not to include handheld games. Partly because I don’t like how their generation ran on a slightly different timeline, but more because it was one more thing that made ranking tough. While I think handheld games can generally stand up with ones I play on the big screen, this just made it easier for me. I will do a separate list of them at some point along the way though.
  • As of now, I decided to include a couple remakes. Both could be considered last gen games, but part of the reason I want to do this list is to talk about games that had a big impact on me during the time of last-gen, so I am working them in. And they aren’t simply up-resed ports. Plus I prefer them to their more recent entries this gen. Is it the right call? I don’t know, but I think the reasoning will make more sense when I write about the games in question. I still may swap them out for one of the more definitively last-gen outings from those series I suppose, but I’m leaning towards keeping the remakes in.

Well that will properly set things up. Look out for the first blog very soon (hopefully tomorrow)!


17 comments on “Best of 7th Gen: An Introduction

  1. Looking forward to this. Have a feeling I know what the remakes are. Also pretty sure on the top 5 in your list. It’s the 25-10 that I think will have the most surprises for me.

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