My Top Five Copy Abilities in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

by Matthew Thompson

I just finished playing through Kirby’s Return to Dreamland this week. It’s a fun entry in the series, a much better one than the previous Wii outing Epic Yarn. I may sit down and write up some full impressions of the title soon, but for now I’d just like to talk about my favorite copy abilities from the game. One of the best parts of Kirby is seeing all the powers he can gain by sucking up and swallowing enemies and this is a list of my five faves from Return to Dreamland :

Ultra Sword

5. Ultra Sword: I wanted to include one of the super abilities in the game. Ultra Sword is simple, but fun to see in action. Kirby whips out a giant sword (or other large weapon) and makes a big swipe taking out anything in its path. I like how this one is used in a couple boss fights and in one fun sequence that has you obliterating a slew of mini-bosses that at one point in the game stood a chance against you.

Wing 2

4. Wing: I pretty much dig this one just for the way it changes the how Kirby flies around. Wing gives Kirby a less floaty flight style like Metaknight’s and some longer range projectile-based attacks to go along with it. It isn’t particularly good against enemies, but is a fun way to switch up how you move about levels. I also just kind of love the look of Kirby when he has Wing.


3. Leaf: This is a fun new ability featured for the first time in Return to Dreamland. As you might guess, this gives Kirby a bunch of leaf-based moves. It has a nice varied set of attacks. The way the leaves swirl around in the basic move looks really cool while the Tornado-like move gives it some oomph. A great new addition to the series.


2. Fighter: This is such a well-rounded and versatile copy ability. Fighter Kirby’s moves feature those you’d expect from a martial arts fighter. Everything from sliding kicks to big uppercuts to powerful throws, there are just so many ways to attack with this one and it is a blast exploring the different ways to take out baddies with it.


1. Water: This one is all about the surf ability for me. Gliding along surfaces with it is, dare I say it, rad and even better when you work in the attack that goes with it. The basic attack has a lot of range and the geyser is a great way to take it to flying bosses. It even has a floating move. Plus it can deal with fiery blocks and even enhances your underwater attacks. Hopefully the Water ability is here to stay in future Kirby games because it was excellent.

That barely scratches the surface of all the great fun powers Kirby can gain in Return to Dreamland, but it gives you an idea of which ones I enjoyed the most. What were your favorite Kirby abilities in this game or any other? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “My Top Five Copy Abilities in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

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  1. Nice list. Number one caught me by surprise, but it was a cool power. Just not one of my favorites. Mine would be the sword, fighting, leaf, and ninja with snow bowl as my favorite super ability. Glad to see you enjoyed the game.

    1. I so rarely surprise… I’ll take it! Sword is definitely a classic and Ninja was really awesome. I loved how it had an izuna drop esque move (I think it was the original’s backdrop move maybe).

  2. I played it 2 nd it was amazing. I love Kirby so much and my favorite copy ability is stone because you’re INVINCIBLE.I DO like wing 2.

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