Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Impressions

by Matthew Thompson

It’s games like this that make me really appreciate PlayStation Plus. Despite hearing praise for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, I’m not sure when I would have gotten around to giving it a try if it weren’t part of this month’s Instant Game Collection on PS+. And I was treated to a very original experience. One I’m happy I didn’t miss out on.

The biggest selling point of Brothers is its unique control scheme. You control a pair of brothers. The older one with the left stick and the younger one with the right stick plus a shoulder button for each on either side to interact with things. It feels like a co-op game for one. The result is something that tests your coordination and mind in unexpected ways. Just having the older brother to the right of his younger sibling can be enough to throw you for a loop. When you add in some of the game’s environmental puzzles to the mix, things really get interesting. Some puzzles even give you that satisfying “Aha!” moment that the best ones so often do.

Brothers 2

Brothers also tells a story worth experiencing for yourself. The two brothers are on a journey to help save their father. It has some pretty touching moments throughout and one particular scene will really stick with me. It’s also fun just seeing the differences between the two from their reactions to the people, creatures and situations you encounter. And the fictional language used in the game means the narrative is revealed through visual storytelling which makes it a nice change of pace from more typical methods.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a brief experience. You’ll run through the game in a few hours and other than going back for a trophy or to simply play it another time, there isn’t much to do when you are done. But it is worth a go for that initial runthrough. It really delivers some new ideas and a few moments like none I’ve had in a game before. I know personally I have a habit of not getting around to some of the games I get on PlayStation Plus. And while Brothers might not be for everyone it is the kind of game you should at least give a try, so don’t let this one pass you by if you are a fellow PS+ subscriber.


8 comments on “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Impressions

  1. This game kind of blew me away… but I agree… I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who was a non-PS+ member paying $15. It’s just not worth it for that. I already deleted it off my hard drive, because I know I will never play it again… especially since I got all of the trophies.

  2. The thing I loved about Brothers is that pretty much everything is told through the visuals and gameplay, including the story, which is something that both AAA and indie games haven’t been very good at. And it was fairly game-y at the same time. It really felt like a much better version of Ico to me.

  3. I kept hearing a lot of praise for this game and mentions of it being on some game of the year list. Naturally I was excited when a friend bought if for me on steam and I was able to play it for myself. Its kind of hard to talk about without spoiling the touching story it tells but it was a great experience.

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