TV Show Power Rankings: January 26, 2014

by Matthew Thompson

I’ve always wanted to try some TV Show Power Rankings and I’m finally going to give it a go. This will basically be my top five shows at the moment where I will take their current season into account, but with an emphasis on what they’ve done more recently. If a show is not airing it will fall out, if it’s had a good few weeks it will jump up… that sort of thing. I haven’t decided whether I will do these once or twice a month, but we’ll see how it goes. Well here they are (these descriptions contain mild spoilers for the shows, if you haven’t seen them it might be best to gloss over them):

Brooklyn Nine Nine 1

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This show is just hilarious and by far my favorite comedy airing right now. January also saw arguably its best episode yet in “The Bet” (though “Thanksgiving” is right up there with it for me). “The Bet” delivered on a gag that it set up early in the show with a contest between Peralta and Santiago coming to an end.  It packed the kind of laughs you’d expect from B99, but also nailed some more touching moments for two potential couples. The other two episodes were pretty great too.

True Detective

2. True Detective: True Detective has only aired two of its eight episodes as of this writing, but it is off to a great start. The setup is neat. Some current-day detectives talk to two older ones about a case they worked in 1995 which the show also recounts, so it kind of has two different timelines going. The acting is pretty great across the board, but McConaughey is really killing it as Detective Rust Cohle. His character is pretty unique and seeing the differences between him in 1995 and 2012 makes him extra fun to watch. I can’t wait to see the rest of this play out.


3. Community: I’m not sure Community would have made my list before this last episode, but this one just cracked me up. It stinks to see Troy go (he is probably my favorite character in the show), but at least he went out with a bang because that really was a fantastic episode. It will be interesting to see how the show handles him leaving, but I really like Jonathan Banks’ character which should help. I also loved the premiere’s Scrubs’ references as a huge fan of that show. The Zach Braff joke had me laughing for days.

Sleepy Hollow Finale

4. Sleepy Hollow: I just talked a bit about how Sleepy Hollow grew on me and I really loved how it finished out its first season. The two final reveals involving the second horseman War really blew my mind and the show did a great job of leaving me wanting more. I’ll be thinking about that ending until the new season starts up next Fall.

The Originals 1

5. The Originals: This reminds me of when The Vampire Diaries was a much better show. It hasn’t reached TVD Season 2 levels of greatness, but it’s pretty damn good. Much like TVD at its peak the most recent episode featured what could have very well been a season ending move, but it did it about halfway through  instead. It also set up a strong storyline going forward. I do hope Davina returns. In this universe that seems pretty likely though. Fast-paced and fun, I’ve really been enjoying The Originals.

Well that will do it for the inaugural rankings. This first one was a little tough because I didn’t have a baseline on where to start. I kind of focused more on this month so far. I wanted to be more in the moment so it is often changing as opposed to just my same favorite shows every month. It should be a little easier from here on out though. Anyway, if anyone wants to participate in the comments that’d be awesome. Whether that is a top five of your own or just your favorite for the month, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll be back with a new batch of these sometime next month. Thanks for reading!


13 comments on “TV Show Power Rankings: January 26, 2014

  1. Everything about True Detective; the two time lines, characters and the star actors’ performances has me intrigued. B99 sounds like something I’d like to binge watch when it comes out on home video. I wish Originals would air on Thursday after TVD, I’m only at episode 3. Great new feature!

    • Thanks! I remember the first couple of weeks they ran The Originals after TVD and that was really good for me. Even for the DVR it was easier for me to record it then. True Detective is definitely worth checking out for sure.

  2. I haven’t been watching any TV at all since Breaking Bad ended and that was really the only show I did watch at the time. I’ll use these as a guide for getting back into it though.

  3. Awesome feature! I don’t watch Sleepy Hollow or The Orginals but I agree with you on the rest.

    If I was to do a list I think it would go

    1) True Detective – This show has been two for two so far in what can be a really over used genre. It is unique, and intriguing with great characters.
    2) Sherlock – Even though the finale was not as good as I had expected this show is still great and the episodes were a blast to watch.
    3) B99- This cast is really hilarious and the stories are really fun to get into. I always find myself surprised when the episode is over as they move so quickly. I must be having fun!
    4) Community – As much as I hate to admit it, Harmon does make a big difference. Troy’s final show was awesome. I really hope they can continue to keep it fun like it has been so far.
    5) Parenthood – It has one of the most frustrating storylines in the history of the show but it is evoking strong emotions from me which is what the show is so good at.

    It will be fun to participate in these as you do them as well.

  4. Nice feature. Brooklyn and Community would definitely top mine and I agree that The Bet is the best episode of the show so far. I’d also put Archer and Bob’s Burger after, expect the former to top next month. Nothing else really stands out enough for me to be number five yet, but once I get Showtime hooked up I’m sure Shameless would be on there.

  5. That last episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was really great. It’s definitely one of my favorite comedies on TV right now. i don’t know how I’d rank them… but it’d be up there.

    I really want to check out True Detective. I think I”ll wait a bit so I can binge watch a few episodes on HBO Go.

    Community is pretty great so far this year. Its really going back to basics with Harmon and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

    There’s so much else that I’m really loving right now. Justified and Shameless just started and they both are great. Archer is amazing… hell… Workaholics is back too. I just added Arrow to my rotation as well, which I’m really enjoying. So much amazing TV.

    And then there’s How I Met Your Mother. That has to be last on any Power Rankings.

    • Those are some shows I wish I was caught up on especially Justified. I’m with you on HIMYM. It’s been really frustrating. I have to say I did like this week’s. The mother is the one part of the show I liked this year.

  6. I don’t watch any of these shows but if I still had HBO I would without a doubt watch True Detective. Looks so good, and when I get it again I will definitely be watching.

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