An Introduction

Hey everyone. I’m Matt or Matthew or Trip or TripOpt55 depending on where you know me from. This is my new blog, The Triple Option (named after a favorite football play of mine for those wondering). I wanted something a bit more casual where I could post about ┬ámore varied content. Games will probably still be the main topic, but TV, sports, books and really anything I feel like will be in bounds here. For those that read my 1up blog, it will probably be a little more like that than anything else I’ve done. That one had me a lot more involved in the community which is something I want to do a better job of with this one. That will include just reading and leaving more comments on friends blogs here on WordPress too which I haven’t been great about lately. One thing that I’ve never been particularly good at that I want to be a bigger part of this blog are smaller posts. At some point in my blogging life, I just started going for 1000 word posts or bust and while I will still do stuff like that, if I want to write some quick thoughts on something, I want this to be a place to do so.

And on that note, I won’t let this linger much longer. The look of the blog is very much a work in progress right now, but I wanted to get blogging again. I’ll be kicking things off here with a series of posts looking back at my favorite and well… not favorite stuff of 2013. Having not blogged in a few weeks I have a bunch of other things I’d like to hit on at some point soon (for instance the new novella “The Princess and the Queen” I just read and a few games I rented and whipped through in December). So stay tuned. Give my twitter (@TripOpt55) or this blog a follow to stay updated. I should have my first real post up before today is over. Thank you for checking out the new blog.

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